posted on: 12/15/2011 12:28:45 PM EST
 What if Mary and Joseph used Facebook
  Jesus, Christianity, God, Christmas

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Terri Pattio     1001 day(s) ago
This is truly a great video Sharee. I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you for sharing it.
Craig Baltz    1001 day(s) ago
Awesome!!!!!! Cheers and Prosperity Craig
Renita Lowry     1043 day(s) ago
Wow..this is somthing very interesting..thank you for is definately worth a look;)
Sigurd Skeie    1043 day(s) ago
Ah nice one, I did see it before, but that doesnt do anything, its one to see, one to think about and one to share. Sig
Dan Lillpop    1043 day(s) ago
Thanks! Creative.

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