posted on: 6/11/2012 9:03:39 PM EST
New and willing to learn it all

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I was first introduced to Visalus last fall and thought it would be a great opportunity to promote health and make some money. Unfortunately so did half the town I come from:( With a small population in the town and surrounding area it seemed the only way I could sell any of my product was to do a retail purchase. Sadly I had not signed anyone up and currently still have not.

I got discouraged as many people would and stopped for a while then I came across something that sparked my interest which taught me about attraction marketing. I thought this is such a unique idea and no one in town will have caught onto this yet! This is my chance to market myself instead of my product. Seems like such a simple idea but I had never heard about this before. I have dedicated myself to learning this technique and mastering it as I am sure that this will be how I can set myself apart from my competition in town!

I am very new at this whole thing and am willing to learn as much as I can about the topic and with this knowledge am sure that this will be the changing factor in my visalus business!

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Richard Millner   1342 day(s) ago
Nice blog thanks for shring this with us.
ralf dooley   1342 day(s) ago
Great blogpost.Thanks for sharing.

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