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Do You Interchange Opinions For Facts A Lot?
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Since we were kids a lot of us have been given these different beliefs to help guide us through life. These beliefs helped us shape who we are as adults and those of us that have children, we have passed down these beliefs to them.

Some of these beliefs actually fueled us to reach our goals and achieved what we have dreamed of for a long time, while others have been detrimental to our growth. It’s a wonder how these different beliefs came about.

It could’ve been through the experiences of our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, acquaintances, and even ourselves. Whatever the case may be, a lot of the ones we consider to be facts are on the contrary nothing but other people’s opinions.

Have you ever wonder how the superstition of opening up an umbrella in the house brings bad luck came from? Does this really bring bad luck? Is this fact or opinion?

Sometimes you have to question superstitions like this. As a matter of fact as a kid I opened this umbrella a couple of times and nothing “bad” ever happened to me. I pissed off my mother, but hey, I wanted to see if it was true.


As kids we wanted to go out and explore what life had to offer to us whether those experiences would be something considered positive or negative. We didn’t distinguish whether something was good or bad, but saw it as it was although society would label us as being innocent and naïve.

Although we wanted to go out and explore, we had parents or guardians who would let us know whether it was ok to do so. From this point, our belief system started to evolve.

From that point on we become more and more hesitant towards life. Depending on the belief system we have we took the opportunities according to what society says instead of relying how we truly feel. We see people that “made it” and we convince ourselves that it would probably never happen to us.

But what if we saw these different inspirations, negate the positive and negatives, the pros and cons, and saw it as it really was like we did as kids. Do you believe that it would be easier to obtain those things that we desire despite all the obstacles that may get in the way? Would those obstacles still be considered obstacles? Do you believe that instead of being fearful, we would be more curious about what’s ahead of us?

I do believe what we consider to be “positive” is when we look at things for what it is instead of using the pros and cons to make distinctions of it. It’s almost as if we can look at each other as human beings, instead making racial, political, or ethnic distinctions.


There’s a great majority of us that has this fear of approaching people in general about our business. It doesn’t matter if they are friends, family, strangers, people that opt in, or even people that call us about what we do, a lot of us develop this fear, almost as if they’re already going to reject us.

For example, we all heard that network marketing is a “pyramid” and nobody can become successful unless you’re at the top or get in early. How true are these statements? Are these facts or other people’s opinions? Who are these people that make these types of statements?

You may want to ask “How many businesses do you know of that do not have a pyramid structure have people working under the CEO, and depending on what level you are, the closer you are to the CEO the more you get paid?” There aren’t too many if there are any at all.

In this case, the opinion is that pyramids only apply to the network marketing business model, but the fact is pyramids can apply to just about any business.

Can you be successful? If you’re looking at network marketing as a type of business model instead of pyramid or a traditional business, then it’s much more possible and a lot faster.

When you’re looking at MLM/Network Marketing like this, just like a child, you may want to look at a pyramid for what it is instead of labeling it as MLM. A lot of our peers tend to interchange opinions for facts without really looking at it for what it really is. In this case, MLM/Network Marketing is a business model, not just a pyramid. Now if a child were to look at a job and the business structure, with the business structure of network marketing, do you believe they can tell the difference?

Asking questions like these can definitely evaporate the fear of rejection. If you believe in the business model and you ask these types of questions to evaporate the fears you may have, then your attitude towards what you do will adjust accordingly. What you’ll find out is what you deemed as facts are really just other people’s opinions.

What do you think about this? I like some feedback.

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Ron Simplified Myers    1371 day(s) ago
More knowledge being dropped. Thanks for taking the time to share. I would agree that asking the right questions will pretty much eliminate rejection because you are not giving a person a reason to reject you. If I ask you questions, your favorite subject gets to shine (YOU). So why would you reject what I have to say. Just some food for thought. Keep making it happen Sir.

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