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4/9/2015  “Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.”
4/8/2015  Gossip is called gossip because it's not always the truth. Justin
4/8/2015  Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn'
4/7/2015  The greatest risk in life is to wait for and depend upon others f
4/7/2015  I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, mo
4/6/2015  Being sick and having a nose ring sucks!
4/6/2015  My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income
4/5/2015  Make each day your masterpiece.
4/5/2015   Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beauti
4/3/2015   Never assume the obvious is true
4/3/2015  “I’m in good shape. That shape is round.?” Jarod Kintz
4/2/2015  Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.
4/2/2015  In order to change the world, you have to get your head together
3/31/2015  “Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.”
3/31/2015   I need to retire from retirement. Sandra Day O'Connor
3/27/2015   “The greatest weariness comes from work not done.” Eric Hoffer
3/27/2015  Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of chang
3/26/2015  Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different thi
3/26/2015  Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; wor
3/25/2015  Walking is also an ambulation of mind. Gretel Ehrlich
3/25/2015   "A good example has twice the value of good advice." Author Un
3/24/2015  A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch u
3/24/2015  “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” Bob Marl
3/23/2015  Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own act
3/23/2015  “If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane.” Robert Frost
3/22/2015  For many years my inherited arthritis had given me problems. Mar
3/22/2015  It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. To
3/21/2015  Don't find fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain
3/21/2015  Honestly, if you were any slower, you’d be going backward
3/20/2015  Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind. -
3/20/2015   Garner up pleasant thoughts in your mind, for pleasant thoughts
3/19/2015  “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Napoleon Hill
3/19/2015  Diabetes is all about insulin levels and sugar levels and what yo
3/18/2015  A man learns by two things. One is reading. The other is associat
3/18/2015  Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. Mar
3/17/2015  Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so,
3/17/2015  “I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seas
3/16/2015  Things work out best for those who make the best of how things wo
3/16/2015   Goals are simply a way of breaking a vision into smaller, worka
3/15/2015  I am falling apart. My hand is falling apart. I can't shake hands
3/15/2015  Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of chang
3/13/2015  "Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely deter
3/13/2015   “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes
3/12/2015  Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone
3/12/2015  Capital isn't scarce; vision is. Sam Walton
3/11/2015  “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
3/11/2015  Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of chang
3/10/2015  In order to change the world, you have to get your head together
3/10/2015  Goals are simply a way of breaking a vision into smaller, workabl
3/9/2015  “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends and the most
3/9/2015  “you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you wi
3/8/2015  “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire
3/8/2015  You come home, and you party. But after that, you get a hangover.
3/7/2015   We improve ourselves by victories over ourself. There must be co
3/7/2015  Just open, honest communication is the best thing in the world.
3/6/2015  "With Cerebral Palsy my body does not listen to my mind or that p
3/6/2015  Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; the
3/5/2015  Chase your passion, not your pension. Denis Waitley
3/5/2015  The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature
3/4/2015  “The law of work seems unfair, but nothing can change it; the mor
3/4/2015  The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and s
3/3/2015  Real riches are the riches possessed inside. B. C. Forbes
3/3/2015  “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can
3/2/2015  Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don't swallow it. Han
3/2/2015  Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep
3/1/2015  Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. Henry David Thore
3/1/2015  The longer I go on, the more I am aware of the power of finance.
2/28/2015   Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot chan
2/28/2015   I can say 'reduce your stress level' until I'm blue in the face.
2/27/2015  You only worry about your head or spinal column. Everything else,
2/27/2015  I really enjoy making dinner for my kids and my husband - choppin
2/26/2015   I want people to notice my writing abilities are real and that
2/26/2015  Stay on top of your finances. Don't leave that up to others. Lei
2/25/2015  “The earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
2/25/2015   It always seems impossible, until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela.
2/24/2015  The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature
2/24/2015  You cannot let where you are today cause you to get stuck. I'm go
2/23/2015   People who work sitting down get paid more than people who wor
2/23/2015  “Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laug
2/22/2015   “The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to c
2/22/2015  “We become what we repeatedly do.” Sean Covey
2/21/2015   Make a difference about something other than yourselves. Toni
2/21/2015   Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see
2/20/2015  “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is
2/20/2015   The only thing I like about rich people is their money. Nancy A
2/19/2015   Money won't make you happy... but everybody wants to find out
2/19/2015   The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a
2/18/2015  “An entrepreneur without funding is a musician without an instrum
2/18/2015  I think there's nothing more amazing than helping people every da
2/17/2015  It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference
2/17/2015  Once I leave this earth, I know I've done something that will con
2/16/2015  Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. Les
2/16/2015  The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams. Tupac Shak
2/15/2015  It is better to have a meaningful life and make a difference than
2/15/2015  Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will. Nelson
2/14/2015   Real riches are the riches possessed inside. B. C. Forbes
2/14/2015   “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is goi
2/13/2015  Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
2/13/2015  Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can'
2/12/2015  I don't stop eating when I'm full. The meal isn't over when I'm f
2/12/2015  “Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out o
2/11/2015   “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aeso
2/11/2015   When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty i
2/10/2015   Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by
2/10/2015  Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. Lord Byron
2/9/2015   I don't know if I should care for a man who made life easy; I sh
2/9/2015  “What pillow can one have like a good conscience?” John Steinbe
2/8/2015  The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't s
2/8/2015  I've never once heard my mom complain about her stroke. Lindsey
2/7/2015  When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interestin
2/7/2015  When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. W
2/6/2015  Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached. Swami Vive
2/6/2015  “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank
2/5/2015  “To find yourself, think for yourself.” Socrates
2/5/2015  It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also tr
2/4/2015  “To find yourself, think for yourself.” Socrates
2/4/2015  It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also tr
2/3/2015  What is negotiation but the accumulation of small lies leading to
2/3/2015  “With great power comes a great need to take a nap.” Rick Riord
2/2/2015  Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are t
2/2/2015  Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of hu
2/1/2015  With great power comes a great need to take a nap.” Rick Riorda
2/1/2015   Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. Vi
1/31/2015  Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day
1/31/2015   It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd m
1/30/2015  I've been scared and I've liked not hanging on to stuff where I k
1/30/2015   The cars we drive say a lot about us. Alexandra Paul
1/29/2015  Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. Vict
1/29/2015   The reflexive allergy to L.A. that a lot of New Yorkers have,
1/28/2015   Friendship needs no words - it is solitude delivered from the
1/28/2015  In the beginning, I was so chintzy I really didn't pay my employe
1/27/2015  “When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and k
1/27/2015  The very first step towards success in any occupation is to becom
1/26/2015   Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terri
1/26/2015   "Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that f
1/25/2015  When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors. J
1/25/2015  Treat employees like partners, and they act like partners. Fred A
1/24/2015  It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
1/24/2015  I think I can wipe out diabetes. Robert Atkins
1/23/2015  If you want creativity, take a zero off your budget. If you want
1/23/2015  Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Maya Angelou
1/22/2015   My mom insisted on multigrain bread and never allowed soda in th
1/22/2015  I do believe in the energy and the productivity of the American b
1/21/2015  I don't take any of the medications I took when I was younger: A
1/21/2015  I don't like to be out of my comfort zone, which is about a half
1/20/2015  Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and having a char
1/20/2015  Nowadays, business is all about productivity - and our folks prod
1/19/2015   Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with i
1/19/2015  “If you can't run, you crawl. If you can't crawl-- you find someo
1/18/2015  A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to se
1/18/2015   “Most of life's actions are within our reach, but decisions ta
1/17/2015  Fast food is popular because it's convenient, it's cheap, and it
1/17/2015  It's good to feel stupid sometimes and do things that are out of
1/16/2015  Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out. Phyllis Diller
1/16/2015  It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is con
1/15/2015   “Depression isn't just being a bit sad. It's feeling nothing.
1/15/2015  “What is now proved was once only imagined.” William Blake
1/14/2015  The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. Marcus Aur
1/14/2015   When a man's stomach is full it makes no difference whether he i
1/13/2015  “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unaw
1/13/2015  All things are difficult before they are easy. Thomas Fuller
1/12/2015  “I want to go to sleep in my time machine and wake up eight hours
1/12/2015  I try and maintain a little bit of fitness, man. Frank Bruno
1/11/2015  “The word lethologica describes the state of not being able to re
1/11/2015  Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize ou
1/10/2015  “It's not just being overweight that's dangerous. Stress is dange
1/10/2015  “Never try to outstubborn a cat.” Robert A. Heinlein
1/9/2015  Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you l
1/9/2015  Computers are useless. They can only give you answers. Pablo Pica
1/8/2015  The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
1/8/2015  A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to e
1/7/2015  Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~ Ralph Waldo
1/7/2015  A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. ~ Hen
1/6/2015  “People always come up to me and say that my smoking is bothering
1/6/2015  Know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen. Joel Sal
1/5/2015  It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silve
1/5/2015  Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. Redd F
1/4/2015  Being happy is of the utmost importance. Success in anything is t
1/4/2015   “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how
1/3/2015   The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion an
1/3/2015  "I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist." - Ma
1/2/2015  Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative
1/2/2015  Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail b
1/1/2015   Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. Sam Levens
1/1/2015  I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. Isaac Asimov
12/31/2014  Fitness is a luxury when you are busy! Lauren Conrad
12/31/2014  Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity. T. S. Eliot
12/30/2014   There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. - Jane
12/30/2014  Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revo
12/29/2014  “By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.” Doc Searls &
12/29/2014  My Labrador retriever had a nervous breakdown. I kept throwing hi
12/28/2014  “I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm aw
12/28/2014   Sadly, it's much easier to create a desert than a forest. Jame
12/27/2014  Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans. It is lovely to
12/27/2014  One of the most feared expressions in modern times is 'The comput
12/26/2014  First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak. Epictet
12/26/2014  Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.
12/25/2014  Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive
12/25/2014  Out of difficulties grow miracles
12/24/2014  Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. —War
12/24/2014  Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a h
12/23/2014  “To find yourself, think for yourself.” Socrates
12/23/2014  “God has given me the ability. The rest is up to me. Believe.
12/22/2014  Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Dwight D. Eisenhower
12/22/2014  Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. John F. Kenn
12/21/2014  The home should be the treasure chest of living. Le Corbusier
12/21/2014  “By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.” Doc Searls &
12/20/2014  “News told, rumors heard, truth implied, facts buried.” Toba Bet
12/20/2014  “Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a cour
12/19/2014  Stress is an important dragon to slay - or at least tame - in you
12/19/2014  For many years my inherited arthritis had given me problems. Mar
12/18/2014  Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippoc
12/18/2014  The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and
12/17/2014  What is the kindest thing you can do for someone else?
12/17/2014  “What is not started will never get finished.” -Johann Wolfgang v
12/16/2014  When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment re
12/16/2014   So I went and visited a doctor and he diagnosed me with reacti
12/15/2014   “What is not started will never get finished.” -Johann Wolfgang
12/15/2014  A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mi
12/14/2014  What keeps me up at night is poverty and unemployment. Abdallah
12/14/2014  It’s only a matter of inches, but skipping gets me just that much
12/12/2014  Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when yo
12/12/2014  Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much
12/11/2014  “Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.” W.
12/11/2014   “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
12/10/2014   Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try
12/10/2014  “A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees ru
12/9/2014  Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom. Soren Kierkegaard
12/9/2014  “Most kids grow sullen and angry when they’re working through iss
12/8/2014   “By listening, marketing will re-learn how to talk.” Doc Searls
12/8/2014  “To all of you on IBO, you have certainly blessed me, thank you.”
12/7/2014   I have arthritis. The space around my spinal cord has become c
12/7/2014  It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the co
12/6/2014  “I'm planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepe
12/6/2014  I don't deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don't dese
12/5/2014   “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disapp
12/5/2014   No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversatio
12/4/2014  I'm not a marketing person. I don't ask myself questions. I go by
12/4/2014  "Indigestion is the failure to adjust a square meal to a round st
12/3/2014  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Kel
12/3/2014  I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and I'm blessed a
12/2/2014   “Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them
12/2/2014  My message is - keep moving. If you do, you'll keep arthritis at
12/1/2014  My whole body is sore. I need a smoothie, some advil & a massage.
12/1/2014  Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam
11/30/2014  Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is
11/30/2014   “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he lo
11/29/2014  Everyone's so chipper and you make friends just grocery shopping.
11/29/2014   “the evil thing is inside, not out.” Suzanne Collins
11/28/2014  “Never try to outstubborn a cat.” Robert A. Heinlein
11/28/2014  I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat pe
11/27/2014  I would love four children because I have a very small family, so
11/27/2014  The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. William Blake
11/26/2014  Man hoards himself when he has nothing to give away. Edward Dahl
11/26/2014  Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter. James
11/25/2014  “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor
11/25/2014  Never give in and never give up. Hubert H. Humphrey
11/24/2014  The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hel
11/24/2014  “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so w
11/23/2014   I can resist everything except temptation. Oscar Wilde
11/23/2014  About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends
11/22/2014  “The more boys I meet the more I love my dog.” Carrie Underwood
11/22/2014  MS doesn't define who I am. Teri Garr
11/21/2014  It's fun to do something funny and have the director laughing. It
11/21/2014  In America, small business is a big deal. Bob Beauprez
11/20/2014  The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goo
11/20/2014  Food - I love nuts. I eat them all the time, they're easy to carr
11/19/2014  In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater th
11/19/2014   “No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it
11/18/2014  "The secret of success is consistency of purpose." Benjamin Dis
11/18/2014  Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Kaya Angelou
11/17/2014  You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
11/17/2014  If I could just get a piece of lemon, it'd be great. Rip Torn
11/16/2014  The groundwork of all happiness is health.
11/16/2014  It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. Hans S
11/15/2014  An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it
11/15/2014  Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man
11/14/2014  Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guide
11/14/2014   Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil. Aristotle
11/13/2014  A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. John Lubbo
11/13/2014  Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation. Mila
11/12/2014  In dog training, jerk is a noun, not a verb. Dr. Dennis Fetko
11/12/2014  “Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.”
11/11/2014  Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation. Mila
11/11/2014  Never let the fear of falling down keep you from standing up.
11/10/2014  I'm the slowest driver in the world. Anthony Hopkins
11/10/2014   Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. Albert Ein
11/9/2014   “Running into debt isn’t so bad. It’s running into creditors t
11/9/2014  I choose not to place "DIS", in my ability. Robert M. Hensel
11/8/2014  “Weight loss is not the key to your dreams. The truth is there is
11/8/2014  Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
11/7/2014  “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man's.”
11/7/2014  “If men liked shopping, they'd call it research.” Cynthia Nelms
11/6/2014  Regardless of your metabolism, if you stop consuming so many calo
11/6/2014  “Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”
11/5/2014  If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more
11/5/2014  Alzheimer's caregivers are heroes. Leeza Gibbons
11/4/2014  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, bu
11/4/2014  A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. Jenny Craig
11/3/2014  One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dine
11/3/2014  Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Author Unknown
11/2/2014  “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to ones
11/2/2014   Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.- Hippo
11/1/2014  “Funny thing about life is that it never turns out the way you wa
11/1/2014  “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own ac
10/31/2014  “Your fears are not you. Do you hear me? They don't define who yo
10/31/2014  Either you run the day or the day runs you. Jim Rohn
10/30/2014  “History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” Mark Twain
10/30/2014  It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. Hans Se
10/29/2014  “A cup of tea would restore my normality." Douglas Adams
10/29/2014  The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. A
10/28/2014   “For now, I just want things all safe and familiar. My life ma
10/28/2014  “For now, I just want things all safe and familiar. My life may n
10/27/2014  Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached. Swami Vive
10/27/2014  Sadly, it's much easier to create a desert than a forest. James
10/26/2014  “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” Winston C
10/26/2014  Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
10/25/2014  “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is bless
10/25/2014  A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. Elbert
10/24/2014  “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just st
10/24/2014  “Be wiser than other people if you can; but do not tell them so.”
10/23/2014  “being alone never felt right. sometimes it felt good, but it nev
10/23/2014  I don't care whether you use natural gas, ethanol, the battery. Y
10/22/2014  I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting. Ma
10/22/2014  Take without forgetting, and give without remembering. Bryant H.
10/21/2014  Patience and time do more than strength or passion. Jean de La F
10/21/2014  When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion i
10/20/2014  “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” Henr
10/20/2014   Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own
10/19/2014  “When life gives you lemon, take it. don't waste food.” Giselle
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