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Coolest Guy In Atlanta, GA - Jacque T. Morris
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If you wanted to know how to find the coolest guy in Atlanta, you first need to consider some aspects of what makes a guy in Atlanta, GA a cool guy. Often times people try to judge an individual by the size of their bank account and while that could be a good indicator it's not the only determining factor. A cool guy is one who makes others feel good about themselves, truly loves giving from the heart and doesn't care about making a mistake or two.

Jacque T. Morris not only makes a mistake or two, however he makes many mistakes and understands the process of growing happens through a series of trial and error decisions. Is Jacque T. Morris really a cool guy from Atlanta? Well this guy can consistently be seen around Atlanta, GA in his shirt and tie regardless of the time, year or season.

With innovative ideas, forward thinking and a refusal to give up Jacque has not only become the coolest guy in Atlanta, however he is quickly becoming one of the coolest guys in the United States of America. Imagine that....this guy may soon be the coolest guy in the entire country!

Mr. Morris began his online marketing career in June of 2011 after he left his corporate truck driving job and $45,000 a year income. Now many people would strongly disagree with a decision like that, however making decisions that others won't make is what separates Jacque from all the other guys in Atlanta. He is not afraid of making the difficult decision or taking the unpopular course.

Jacque knows that many individuals live in a state of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real), however he knows that often times in life an individual has to be wiling to take a risk and live with the results. Too many times in life people do not achieve their potential because of fear of man, fear of self or fear of circumstance. "What you believe is what you achieve" states Jacque.

Initially Jacque did struggle when he first decided to do internet marketing and work full-time from home. The turning point for Jacque came when he started to learn how to get his content ranked on the first page of Google and understand the art and science behind S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization). With an innate desire to figure things out and press beyond limiting beliefs and barriers, Jacque has persevered and now finds himself ranking multiple times on the first page of google for numerous keywords.

As a result Jacque is able to consistently receive FREE Traffic for his different businesses and create multiple streams of income on auto-pilot. It has been said that on the internet content is King. Jacque is a cool guy in Atlanta producing tons of content, but I wouldn't quite label him a king quite yet.

It's not only business success that makes Jacque the coolest guy in Atlanta, however he can also be found spending countless hours volunteering to assist others in the city on a number of different things. Volunteering is not something Mr. Morris does for public acknowledgement or recognition, however it is simply as the Bible states a love for neighbor.

With a lovely devoted wife and three wonderful kids Jacque expresses the fact that he truly enjoys his life and has so much to live for and that titles are simply that and they don't make the man on the inside. Being the coolest guy in Atlanta is something that Jacque definitely embraces, however just displaying a loving spirit and showing others genuine care as well as concern will suffice in Jacque's book.

If you are ever in and or around Atlanta, GA be sure to look up the coolest guy in town Mr. Jacque T. Morris (aka) Atlanta's own Shirt n Tie Guy. Jacque can easily be found online or reached at his home office. With a true servants heart Jacque is willing to assist others and help them along their journey in life.

With a passion and a desire that burns warmer than the most extreme fire Jacque T. Morris is by far not only the most interesting guy in a shirt n tie, but he is also the coolest guy in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about Jacque T. Morris by searching his name on Google. Take a look at one of Jacque's many YouTube channels (JT Morris) and feel free to connect with this cool guy on FaceBook where he can be found (Jacque T. Morris).

Can't find Jacque online, well honestly it would be quite difficult not to, however if your search has not yielded any results then pick up the phone and call the Coolest Guy In Atlanta, GA - Jacque T. Morris.


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Jacque Morris   1007 day(s) ago
Thanks Carlos and Michael for your comments! Being creating in the online world of marketing and advertising is what will set individuals apart from the masses.
Michael L Mattos (MLM)   1007 day(s) ago
Love the third person testimonial! Have a great week Jacque!
Carlos Smith   1007 day(s) ago
Nice Post Jacque! Thanks for sharing.
Jacque Morris   1007 day(s) ago
Thanks Lonnie!
Jacque Morris   1007 day(s) ago
Thanks for the comment and the Tweet Betty! Much success to You here on IBO.

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