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EPX Daily SeaVeg
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EPX Daily SeaVeg for your every day vitamin needs

-Sea Vegucation-
[Sea Vegucation. noun: the act of educating or imparting knowledge of Sea Veg]

Did You Know?

Our blood plasma is almost identical to sea water (if we are healthy) and that 76% of the oxygen we breathe is created by sea plants?

Did you know you have little intelligent creatures (called cells), in your inner ocean (blood) breathing under blue salt water right now?

Jacques Cousteau once quoted that "The oceans will be tomorrow's food store and drug store"

That's the power of Sea Vegetation...

Seaweeds contain many times more minerals than land grown plants, as much as 50 times more.

No fewer than 92 different mineral elements have been found in seaweeds, including some elements which we require only in trace amounts, but whose presence is nonetheless vital to our complete well-being.

EPX Daily SeaVeg is a Complete and Natural Whole Food Dietary Supplement EPX Daily SeaVeg®

Let's look at the health benefits and its nutritional value Sea Vegetation has played a large part in the staple diet of many eastern countries for centuries. Here in the West we are more used to seaweed in the form of sushi but this super food has a lot more to offer.

It is sometimes referred to as the perfectly balanced natural food. Packed with minerals and trace minerals, these sea veggies have access to all 92 minerals that sea water naturally contains. In fact seaweed contains 10 -20 times the minerals of land foods, an abundance of vitamins and other elements for metabolism.

With soils being depleted of nutrients, our food is less nutritious today. The best
health benefits of seaweed is that it is one of the best sources of nutrient rich, non-toxic
foods with which we can nourish our bodies - a food that hasn't been tampered with
or altered with genetic modification.

[EPX Daily SeaVeg info]

Seaweed is the richest source of over 92 minerals in the vegetable kingdom. Packed with Phyto-nutrients, some undiscovered.

*An excellent source of vegetable iodine, magnesium, iron, sodium and calcium.
*An excellent source of vitamins A, B1, C, E and K. 28 vitamins total.
*It is a natural food and completely organic in that it is easily broken down.
*It contains a wide variety of concentrated protein and healthy carbohydrates.
*It is an excellent, and almost the only source of vegetable iodine.
*It can assist in keeping the body's pH balance with the alkaline forming effect.
*It is low in fat and very low in calories.
*It is high in all the glyconutrients. Xylose, Galactose, Acemannan, Fucoidan,
Laminarin, Fucose, Glucose, Mannose, Kainic Acid, Sodium Alginate and more.

Sea Plants are a powerful aid to continuous detoxification because in addition to being a natural nutritional supplement which supports cell health and function, it also contributes a unique food source of all the micronutrients and macronutrients that improve metabolism for healthy gut flora and conditions of the gut wall, and so deters bad bacteria growth and promotes good flora.

~~20 things Super Sea Veg® can do for us... From head to toe!~~
1) Shiny and healthy hair. Helps maintain beautiful body skin.
2) Keeps the mind sharp. Makes skin clear, young looking.
3) Preserves good eyesight.
4) Improves gum health. Strengthens teeth, so flash that smile.
5) Maintains healthy thyroid function.
5) Helps ease colds and other respiratory problems.
6) Prevents allergies and infections. Strengthens the immune system.
7) Fights “roaming” free radicals. Reduces cancer risks. Stunts tumor growth.
8) Pumps up energy!
9) Enhances cell regeneration. Retards aging!
10) Lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation.
11) Nurtures healthy heart vessels.
12) Normalizes cholesterol levels.
13) Supports bone health and joint function.
14) Beautiful nails! Fuels weight loss naturally!
15) As a digestion and waste movement.
16) Promotes liver health. Detoxifies heavy metals and pollutants.
17) Snuffs out cellulite.
18) Maintains the body’s natural equilibrium. pH Balanced.
19) Supports kidney health. Supports Prostate health
20) Contains Nori, Laver, Kelp, Dulse, Arame, Wakame, Kombu, Bladderwrack, Fucus, Palmaria, Porphyra, Irish Moss.

*If you're like me and concerned with what you are putting into your body and want to stay as healthy as you possibly can... go to: and read the amazing history of sea vegtables and why supplementation with SeaVeg® is the key to feeling great!

You are always welcome to click on my website and see what SeaVeg Daily is all about.

~~EPX Daily SeaVeg~~
Our products are 100% natural and have no sign effects... There has never been a medical claim against SeaVeg®... With that said, please consult with your doctor. Statements made in this release have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, we do have documented proof on the results of SeaVeg®.

Silvia Shamus

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Silvia Shamus   1034 day(s) ago
Thanks Brenda for the friendly like and share!
Silvia Shamus   1035 day(s) ago
You are appreciated for your comment about my EPXBody SeaVeg post.
Galina Kolpatcheva   1035 day(s) ago
Great product! Thanks for sharing, Silvia!
ralf dooley    1035 day(s) ago
Nice press release about EPX Daily SeaVeg. A tip less keywords, you will confuse google. Have a fantastic day and lot of success with epx body.
Silvia Shamus   1035 day(s) ago
thanks for the comment luv Tom.

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