posted on: 2/8/2012 4:56:45 AM EST
Building a network through Social media

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What is Synkronice?

The business concept of Synkronice is not only to be a part, but to be the standard bearer of the evolution online!

The word-of-mouth method is one of the greatest powers on earth. Thanks to Synkronice and Spinglo, this huge power is combined with precision and intelligent control for the first time.

Synkronice is using networking combined with social media to give you the opportunity to build up a global, recurring income in one of the world's fastest growing industies.

The timing of Synkronice and Spinglo is perfect, and the entire structure of the business concept of MLM with regard to marketing and Social Media is an ideal mix. My strong belief, as we roll this out, is it will not take many months before it attracts the interest from individuals and institutions who want to invest in,partner with or buy this company

The reason for this is that Synkronice is a concept that would fit many players in many different industries and sectors. Flexibility and a unique way of presenting a relationship based on membership is key. A way that has not previously been exploited fully.

Although, everywhere in society during the past years we hear people talking about the immense power of the Internet and Social Networks, the concept put into place by Synkronice and Spinglo are more or less impossible to replicate and take it to the point where we are today - up and running with a sharp growth of new members.

This is not short-term business. The idea is that together we ll make Synkronice a dominant player on the Internet. All members in Synkronice, will, I believe, enjoy success in the form of really good return on invested money and more importantly, on invested time.

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