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A Wave Of Opportunity!
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Momentis by Just Energy has combined the $500 billion deregulated energy market with an innovative form of relationship marketing to create a unique ground floor business opportunity.

The Energy Industry is the largest industry ever to be deregulated!

The deregulation of the energy industry will create the largest transfer of wealth in all of American history. As with all past deregulated industries (Airline & Phone) many companies and entrepreneurs acted quickly on these multi-billion dollar industries while the “window of opportunity” was open. Just Energy and its partnership with Momentis marks an unprecedented move in the industry.

Momentis is the innovative marketing arm of this successful billion-dollar, publicly held energy company. Just Energy built an international business on innovation and market leadership… and now “they're leading “once again with a network marketing opportunity in the North American energy marketplace, and expanding international, first quarter of 2012.

Momentis offers a powerful business opportunity that allows you to build a residual income quickly and easily while building your own home-based business by sharing essential home services. These are services that people already use every day and these services are already in people’s household budgets. As a home-based business owner, Independent Representatives earn commissions each and every month from customers who continue to utilize Just Energy products and services. This can create a recurring income and sets in motion a powerful business that anyone can do.

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Important DetailsTo Consider:

The “Perfect Business” (no product selling, simply help people save on their energy & other home services)
The “Perfect Time” (deregulation of a $500 Billion industry, ground floor opportunity)
The “Market Size” (largest foot print in North America, international in 2012)
The “Industry “Best” Compensation Plan” (no other compensation plan will offer more)
The “Unlimited Income Potential” (Earn monthly 5 different ways)
The “Momentum Immediate Bonus” (Place immediate income into your pocket.)
The “Mentor Bonus” (Mentor others to do what you do.)·
The “My Team Bonus” (Matching bonus payment from your Core Team.)·
The “My Leadership Bonus” (Designed to pay you as you build your team.)·
The “Monthly Recurring Income” (Paid month after month …long after your initial efforts.) · The more you do the more income you earn. As you build and grow your business and achieve new leadership levels, your compensation will grow more lucrative. There are no limits to your financial success.

The“Unlimited Support” (Experienced Executive Team “Always” here to help you grow your business, working together for your success).

The “Work From Anywhere Business”(This opportunity can be worked from anywhere in the world).
This is a “Simple Business” You'll just do two things: Sign up new customers and build a team of people just like you who are doing the same thing. That's it! The Momentis compensation plan will reward you for doing these two things consistently.

Now traded on the New York Stock Exchange
Pre-Launching in the U.K. 62 million potential customer-reps!

There is NO selling! This is a relationship marketing business, NOT your typical “product based” network marketing business where you have to sell product. That is why this is such an unique business opportunity. This type of business with our comp plan allows you to do the work once and get paid month after month, year after year. This is truly the “Perfect Business.” As you build your business you can create “Five” separate streams of income that will create a residual income for life!The Just Energy and

Momentis executive teams understand not only how to provide great products and service, but, more important, how to help people experience the advantages of working for themselves and benefiting from the multi-billion dollar energy industry. These elements provide a proven but unique opportunity. There's never been a better time to build your own home-based business.

When you join Momentis, you join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs supported by a company with a solid infrastructure. Just "plug in" to the Momentis Community of successful entrepreneurs to keep your momentum high.Having the “largest” North American footprint with an unlimited growth potential – now is the right time. With its comprehensive support, an experienced executive team that’s offering and always looking for cutting-edge, multibillion-dollar industries – Momentis is the right place.

Momentis by Just Energy enables you to capitalize on the deregulation of the energy industry and by partnering up with Momentis, you’ll find out why we are the fastest growing company in North America. Be part of the $500 billion energy industry. This is truly a “once in a lifetime” business opportunity.

Ask me about our "TEAM BUILD" where NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!

That is the Momentis Opportunity...Priceless!

To your success,

~Susan Bayerle (USA) (Pre-Launch UK)

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Tony Horton   1360 day(s) ago
Hello Susan and thanx for such informative material on the deregulation program that you are involved in. I look forward to reading more of your material and perhaps sharing ideas and networking.
Brandon J Urquhart I   1360 day(s) ago
Great blog! I'm apart of Momentis myself, really greatenergy business, still working on building a strong team, good luck to you!
Susan Bachelder   1360 day(s) ago
Great Post Susan! I learned early in my marketing adventures that people are more likely to join you than your business if you provide value. It does not just pertain to attraction or relationship marketing. Even if the product or proposal is the best, if it is not presented with value why would someone join? I wish you success in multitudes.
Idriss A Diaw   1360 day(s) ago
Deregulation has help free many segments of the economy and made it possible for entrepreneurs to lauch their business. The energy sector is one good example. thant you my friend.
Tito Buduson   1360 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Energy deregulation. I liked your blog. Keep it Up Susan

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1/31/2012  Tap into a 500 Billion $$$ Industry
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1/24/2012  How Personal Development Leads to Professional Success
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1/23/2012  Why Momentis...500 Billion Dollar Industry...That's Why!
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1/22/2012  Expand Your Vision
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1/10/2012  Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
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1/8/2012  Traits of Highly Successful People -That You Can Learn!
1/6/2012  Have a Clear End Point!
1/5/2012  Momentis + Deregulation = $$$$
1/5/2012  Distractions Are A Business Killer
1/4/2012  So What Do You Want To Achieve From Your Business?
1/4/2012  Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Successful Home Business Entrep
1/3/2012  Start The Year Out By Giving Back!
1/3/2012  It Doesn't Get Any Better Then This!
12/30/2011  Resourcefulness You Possess
12/29/2011  Let Us (Momentis) Help You!
12/29/2011  Start Planning For Your New Years Resolution Now!
12/28/2011  Momentis M-Cares Program The Perfect Fit For Your Fundraising
12/28/2011  New Years Resolutions...Results Take Action
12/26/2011  Start Planning Now For The New Year!
12/26/2011  Start Now With Your New Year's Resolution
12/23/2011  Habits That Can Change Your Life!
12/23/2011  Success...Life's Game
12/22/2011  Let Momentis Help Your Cause!
12/22/2011  You Can Be Confident And Make Great Presentations With Every Pros
12/21/2011  Success Means Taking Action
12/20/2011  Setting Your Career Goals
12/19/2011  Momentis Giving Back To Your Cause
12/19/2011  Success and Failure are Choices
12/18/2011  TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
12/15/2011  Personal Development Leads to Professional Success
12/15/2011  Make Today Count
12/13/2011  Taking Action Leads To Success
12/13/2011  Reason Why Some Fail & Others Succeed
12/12/2011  SocialZing...Social Marketing Made Simple
12/12/2011  Momentis... We Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
12/8/2011  Believe...Momentis Can Change Your Financial Future!
12/8/2011  Tips For Marketing On Facebook
12/7/2011  Momentis...Here to help in your Fundraising
12/7/2011  Momentis December Promotions
12/6/2011  Momentis Introduces M-Mobile
12/6/2011  Why Momentis
12/2/2011  Make a change starting today!
12/2/2011  Could this be the opportunity you've been looking for?
12/1/2011  Time to get "Excited!"
12/1/2011  If you want to live your dreams...then "WAKE UP!"
11/30/2011  Why SocialZing's Business Opportunity
11/30/2011  SocialZing The only Social Marketing System You Will Ever Need!
11/29/2011  Making Today Count
11/29/2011  Take Risks and Let Go Of Your Fears
11/23/2011  SocialZing Launches Monday November 28th
11/22/2011  Taking Risk's Is Good
11/22/2011  Wave of Opportunity Right Now
11/21/2011  Start making a change today for your new life!
11/19/2011  Is Procrastination Killing Your Business?
11/18/2011  Success Means Taking Action...Reasons Why We Fail!
11/18/2011  Top Reasons For People To Work From Home
11/17/2011  I Love Helping Others Become Successful
11/17/2011  Why IBO Is THe Perfect Place For Branding & Marketing Your Busine
11/16/2011  Why Not Start Creating a Residual Income Today
11/16/2011  Momentis is the "Perfect Opportunity"
11/15/2011  Momentis...Just a Few Ways They Help Their People Succeed!
11/15/2011  Fundraising Made Easy With Momentis
11/14/2011  Social Media Marketing the Right Way
11/14/2011  Cyberspace Crimes are the #1 Crime
11/11/2011  Emmutec....Emmunize Proactive PC Protection
11/11/2011  SocialZing Is Launching Soon!
11/10/2011  Want to create a Residual Income?
11/10/2011  Working From Home Can Be Good Or Bad
11/9/2011  The Mindset For Success.
11/9/2011  Be In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself!
11/8/2011  Momentis...Saving Businesses Money
11/8/2011  Taking Action...Action Habits
11/7/2011  Momentis...The Perfect Place To Be
11/7/2011  Momentis...helping your Cause!
11/4/2011  Momentis...The Perfect Opportunity
11/4/2011  Momentis Keeps Growing State By State!
11/3/2011  Momentis...Giving back to your Causes!
11/3/2011  What is Momentis
11/2/2011  Momentis In Houston
11/2/2011  Momentis in Georgia!
11/1/2011  Do well...but not to well!
11/1/2011  Taking Action For Success!
10/31/2011  Momentis Opportunity Webinar
10/31/2011  The Momentis Opportunity
10/28/2011  Failing to Succeed
10/26/2011  Momentis...Fundraising For Your Cause
10/26/2011  Four Reasons Why...Momentis
10/19/2011  Is One Job Enough?
10/13/2011  SocialZing Opportunity Call Tonight
10/13/2011  Emmutec Webinar Tonight October 13th
10/12/2011  Something To Reflect On From Time To Time!
10/12/2011  Momentis...Today Is The Day To Move Yourself Forward To Success!
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10/5/2011  Why Emmunize Anti-Virus Protection?
10/4/2011  Don’t Be Afraid to Dream And Dream Big
10/4/2011  SocialZing-Join Us For A Call And See What We Are All About
10/3/2011  Momentis...Is it the Opportunity for you?
10/3/2011  The Top 10 Reasons to Run Your Own Business
10/1/2011  Why Momentis?
10/1/2011  Emmutec... Get In Now Before The Launche On Monday!
9/30/2011  Momentis, A Wave Of Opportunity
9/30/2011  Emmutec...FINALLY Protection for your PC!!!
9/29/2011  Why Emmunize Software?
9/29/2011  Emmutec...everyone wins!
9/28/2011  SocialZing Is Coming Soon, Get Ready!
9/27/2011  Momentis The Way Of Opportunity
9/27/2011  EMMUTEC GOES LIVE Today!
9/26/2011  Emmutec...Anti-Virus Software
9/16/2011  Fall The Hottest Business Building Season
9/16/2011  IBO, Something Of Value
9/15/2011  Why Skin Care?
9/15/2011  Choosing The Right Online Business
9/14/2011  Mistakes in Network Marketing Recruiting
9/14/2011  Why Social Media Marketing?
9/13/2011  The Trump Network Welcomes You!
9/13/2011  Why AutoXTen?
9/12/2011  Obstacles in Mirror Won’t Let Your Dreams Appear
9/12/2011  AutoXTen Is Going Strong
9/11/2011  SocialZing A Powerful Of Social Marketing
9/11/2011  What is SocialZing?
9/9/2011  Six Principles of Goal Setting
9/9/2011  The Trump Network wants you!
9/8/2011  The Trump Network and You...
9/8/2011  Start To Create Residual Income Today
9/7/2011  Just Take Action
9/7/2011  Pros and Cons of Using Facebook to Promote Your Business Online
9/6/2011  The #1 Reason People Don’t Take Action
9/6/2011  Are You in the Way of Your Own Success?
9/2/2011  Why does the vast majority of people have difficulties achieving
9/2/2011  Why Procrastination Will Kill Your Business
8/31/2011  Why MLM programs are great businesses
8/31/2011  Partner with Success!
8/26/2011  Custom Nutrition - Meeting Your Unique Nutritional Needs
8/26/2011  The Trump Network
8/25/2011  Key Ingredients for Internet Success
8/25/2011  10 Attitudes of Successful People
8/24/2011  Goal Setting
8/24/2011  10 key benefits why MLM programs are great businesses
8/23/2011  “What would you attempt do if you knew you could not fail?”
8/23/2011  Difficulties achieving your dreams and goals?
8/22/2011  Harvard Business School opens MLM Degree!
8/22/2011  "YOU MUST "CROSS THE LINE"!
8/20/2011  Remember Your ABC's To Achieve Your Dreams
8/19/2011  To Change From Where You Currently Are In Your Life!
8/19/2011  “EXTREME Productivity Secrets of the Ultra-Successful”
8/18/2011  What The Trump Network Can Do For You
8/18/2011  Don't shrink your DREAMS, INCREASE your EFFORTS!!!
8/17/2011  What The Trump Network Can Do For You
8/17/2011  The Trump Network
8/16/2011  The Power of Positive Thinking and Business Success
8/16/2011  The AutoXTen way is simple...
8/15/2011  Positive Attitude
8/15/2011  Positive Mindset. . . The "Key" to Success!
8/3/2011  Incredible month over here at AutoXTen!
8/3/2011  Are You At the Right Place, at the Right Time?
8/2/2011  Skin Care Renewal
8/2/2011  The Causes Behind Your Causes
8/1/2011  Health Alternative for Kids
8/1/2011  Natural Menopause Relief and Support
7/31/2011  Achieve Success By Taking Action Towards Your Goals!
7/31/2011  AutoXTen is Exploding!
7/30/2011  Power of Positive Attitude
7/30/2011  The Right Mental Attitude for Success
7/29/2011  A Successful Mindset Breeds Success
7/29/2011  Developing A Successful Mindset
7/28/2011  Why You Need to Test Before Taking Vitamins
7/28/2011  AutoXTen could be the answer your looking for!
7/27/2011  Weight Loss Management with The Silhouette Solution
7/27/2011  Looking to partner with the best team in The Trump Network?
7/26/2011  A Succesful Mindset is the Key to Success!
7/26/2011  The Dominant Force On Your Path To Success
7/25/2011  Can “YOU” Have Success in Network Marketing-MLM?
7/25/2011  Can “YOU” Have Success in Network Marketing-MLM?
7/24/2011  Children's Multivitamin
7/24/2011  Feel Good And Enjoy The Rewards Of The Trump Network™
7/23/2011  Direct Selling Offers Flexibility and Financial Freedom
7/23/2011  Offering something of value opens the door to opportunity
7/22/2011  "At the Right Place, at the Right Time!"
7/22/2011  Can you build a MLM business with online mlm recruiting?
7/21/2011  Missing An Opportunity Of A Lifetime
7/21/2011  3 Secrets to Massive Online Marketing Success
7/20/2011  The Trump Network Dream Program
7/20/2011  The Trump Network and you!
7/19/2011  Mindset and Motivation Make Success Possible
7/19/2011  Network Marketing Prospecting – Getting into a Positive Mindset
7/18/2011  Occasional Intestinal Flora Balancing Support
7/18/2011  Four Mental Adjustment To Overcome Your Fears
7/17/2011  Trump Network Business Opportunity
7/17/2011  AutoXTen Has Launched
7/16/2011  Commit Yourself to Action by Investing in Success
7/16/2011  Starting Your Own Business
7/15/2011  Occasional Intestinal System Support
7/14/2011  Occasional Green Vegetable Replacement
7/14/2011  Custom Eye Care Support
7/13/2011  Occasional Cardiovascular System Support
7/13/2011  Missing the Opportunity of a Lifetime
7/12/2011  Natural Menopause Relief and Support
7/12/2011  Prostate Care and Prostate Relief
7/11/2011  Custom Joint Care Support
7/11/2011  Customized Nutrition At It's Best
7/10/2011  Come Join AutoXTen
7/9/2011  Trump Network QuikStik's
7/9/2011  AutoXTen: Look At Us Now!
7/8/2011  All the right tools to be successful!
7/8/2011  A positive mindset: the foundation of every successful marketer
7/7/2011  Brand management
7/7/2011  7 Habits of Business Success
7/6/2011  The Other Side of Problem Solving
7/6/2011  Four Mental Adjustment To Overcome Your Fears
7/5/2011  The Real Secret of Success
7/5/2011  To Achieve Your Dreams
7/2/2011  Do You Really Want What It Means To Feel Your Best?
7/2/2011  Do you have an extraordinary dream?
7/1/2011  Get Ready for the Launch of AUTOXTEN
7/1/2011  An Opportunity You Don't Want To Pass Up!
6/28/2011  BioCe' Your answer to Skin Care
6/28/2011  Trump Network Business Opportunity
6/27/2011  Weight Loss with "The Silhouette Solution"
6/27/2011  What We Can Do For You
6/26/2011  Customize Nutrition
6/23/2011  New Business Opportunity at the Trump Network
6/22/2011  The Trump Network New Enrollment Prices
6/21/2011  Join The Trump Network
6/21/2011  Unemployment Benefits Among Newly Discharged Marines More Than Do
6/20/2011  New Business Promotion
6/17/2011  Project Planning For Maximum Success!
6/16/2011  Why Supplement, Why Wouldn't you?
6/14/2011  Todays News...Colleges Raising Cost More People Not Being Able to
6/13/2011  Gives You Something To Think About
6/10/2011  Custom Multivitamins, Why wouldn't you?
6/9/2011  Give Your Body Better Nutrition!
6/8/2011  The Real Secret of Success!
6/7/2011  Motivated People Wanted!
6/7/2011  Your Skin Care Solution
6/6/2011  Why network Marketing-more millionaires then any other industry
6/2/2011  Weight Lose at it's Best!
6/1/2011  Why wouldn't you give your Body Better Nutrition???
6/1/2011  Bio Ce' Skin Renewal
5/26/2011  Trump Network Business Opportunity Presentaion
4/18/2011  Live Business Presentation Tonight
4/8/2011  Skin Care
4/8/2011  Business Presentation
4/7/2011  Customized Vitamin - Supplements!
4/6/2011  Business Presentation
3/30/2011  Automated Recruiting System