posted on: 1/30/2012 6:19:58 PM EST
Who Are You?
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Who are you? Why are you in an online business? Are you trustworthy?

I've read that people have to know, like and trust you to join your business. Network marketing is all about relationships. If you read my first blog post, you got to know me a little. If you like me or not is up to you! The more you get to know me, the more you can decide if you want to trust me or not.

Do you give people the opportunity to know, like and trust you? How can you? The answer is branding yourself. One way you brand yourself is by adding your picture to anything you can. You want to always use the same picture so people will recognize you. When you are communicating, try talking about common interests instead of trying to sell your opportunity. If all you talk about is your business, it will feel like spam to people. We are all only human so we have to do other things besides work! When you share something about your personal life, people can see that you are a real human being.

There are three ways that you can build a relationship. One is building a list. This is a technique that has worked for years. You can offer a free gift for subscribing to your list to entice people to subscribe. Then you regularly communicate with your subscribers via e-mail. Don't make every e-mail an ad about your business. Give your subscribers value. If you do that, they will trust you and be more likely to listen to your recommendations. Remember to talk a little about yourself to remind them that you are just like them!

The second way to build a relationship is through a blog. People can bookmark your blog to visit it regularly or subscribe so that they are alerted every time you post. It works the same way as a list. Don't try to shove your opportunity down their throats. Talk about new methods you are using to grow your business. Your readers may like to hear about how you got your start. Read and respond to their comments. There may be questions you can address in another post.

On social networks you can get to know people. Again, don't "friend" someone and then just start sending them private messages about your business. Send them a message to say hi. If they want to get to know you better, they will respond. If not, don't push it. Post something useful or interesting on your wall regularly (or tweet it).

Remember, it's a marathon not a sprint! Some of your "friends" may not join your business today or tomorrow. When you communicate with them, be sure and throw in a little tidbit about how your business is doing. You don't want to brag but you do want to remind them about your business. Also, seeing that you are successful will help them realize that they can be too. If they are not getting the results they want, eventually they will join you because they will want to get the results you're getting.

I hope this blog post was informative and helpful. If so, please comment. I would love to hear from you!

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Jennifer Bencosme   1470 day(s) ago
I just wanted to add that everyone at IBO has been very courteous and professional! The private messages I have received have not been of the spammy variety. This is a great community!
Jennifer Bencosme   1470 day(s) ago
Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting!
Cynthia Barbour   1470 day(s) ago
Jennifer very nice blog post, Very good and to the point, if people read and follow what you are saying they will become successful. Some people just don't get it and they are ready to send there offer to you and skip the relationship. They will not get anywhere with that strategy.
Daniel Wentzel   1470 day(s) ago
I think curiosity plays a big role here. If You Have to Ask ... Then Ask (and Ask and Ask.) until you have the answers, the truth, that you need to know. There is a difference between want to know and need to know.
Jennifer Bencosme   1470 day(s) ago
It is definitely very difficult because of the time it takes. I'm working on it too! Thanks for commenting.

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