info current as of: 2/8/2016
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The money comes in twice a month through my paypal account. I'll be ready for retirement in a few years.

Fantastic tool for marketing any business.
Use referral code 76A86F when signing up.

Pet Protector
Position: Senior Representative
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If you love pets, this is a simple business that grows and grows. Who wouldn't pay less to protect their pets for up to two years! I always hated putting poisons on my dogs back...did not sit right with me.
Pet Protector is non-toxic and nothing else to do but place the disc on the dog collar and your done.

7 Minute Workout
Position: Affiliate
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What could be easier? 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week! Forget about going to the gym and work out at home without buying expensive equipment.
Loose weight and stay in shape.