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Funding a Global Family Vacation
Funding Global Family Vacation

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Funding a Global Family Vacation
Obviously one of the first thing to consider when you think of a global family vacation is how to pay for all the expenses ! And there are many items to put on the list here.. AirTickets Hotels Transportation food and so on.. The list goes on and on.

Also quite important to consider is just how much does it cost for the round the world trip ! Perhaps a good starting point is to decide the routes and destinations and work on a very clear plan to maximise the travel experience as well as stay within the family budget.

If you have savings.. that is a huge plus and perhaps this will change the overall planning. However, for an average family this may not always be the case. And there are many other considerations to think of that needs clear budgeting.

There is one interesting way that this could be funded besides selling the family home or the family car and other assets. But surely that is probably not so wise depending on the family situation.

Here is something interesting that was mentioned to me by a good friend.

He says he is already saving for his own family vacation around the world too but he has found something exciting and wanted to share this with us.

Apparently he was introduced to an online program where he was able to get a very good return on investment. The system pays you 2 percent daily.. yes you get paid every single day ! Now Thats amazing.. and of course its hard to believe when your local banks usually can offer a meagre 3 to 6 percent per year on your deposits !

And so.. I was intrigued..!

How do you get a 2 percent daily payment from your investment ? Well, my friend told me to check it out and in fact the company even offers a free small initial seed money to allow you to see how it all works !

My Travel Curiousity was now aroused to a level that I was willing to check it out and do some background on this system. If it is something that can help finance our global travel dreams.. then why not? It is worth at least a quick look!

So here is the link to the site.

And you may also want to check out the video explanation below:

Obviously this is just one way to earn some money to contribute towards your global family vacation dreams.. BUT it seems to be a very unique way.. And the fact that they are already offering a free USD10-00 to get you started is really nice too. I must admit I have already registered and am already earning the 2 percent daily income.. If you think you are keen to find out.. why not register too.. Its FREE anyway and the potential is really amazing !

Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance or even if you wish to comment and perhaps share other ways to fund Our global Travel Dreams ! Thanks..

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