posted on: 4/20/2012 8:09:12 PM EST
Global Income Alliance
Christine Holsey

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Hello, Probably going to be short today. Purchased 4 guaranteed referrals today. This way the experts do the marketing for me. This works because I am new to this, and I have absolutely no experience in online marketing, and at best I am a novice to the computer as well. I love the ViSalus product. It tastes so good and it is really good for you. Lost some weight and even some inches. I look forward to better health, and to make an iresidual income at this. Mt pension will not bring me the life I want. See my beautiful daughter and wonderful son in law when ever I want, travel the world,get my free Beemer, ect. If this sounds like you want these things too, then click HERE:

Okay I need to write more, sorry. People are joining like hotcakes.You may ask why? Well its the #1 Online Franchise. Potential for 250K the first year. There is a Beemer Club,Bonuses,AND MORE . CHECK IT OUT.

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