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Empower Your Mind and Position In Life
mind power, empowerment, growth

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Most of the highly successful people you see in the news today took a great deal of time to work on improving their minds.

On the other hand, if your mind is negative and inactive, it's very likely you won't amount to much in life.

We develop our minds by what we put into it. If we are continually putting negative information into our minds, this results to negative thoughts and ultimately negative actions.

So, if you want the opposite creative thoughts, it is pertinent to always get the right kind of information into your mind.

The most common way to do this is by reading the right kinds of books.

Sadly, because of the great demand on our time, only few people still read lots of books, especially after college.

We mostly only have time to read the newspapers and magazines. And guess what? Most newspapers only end up giving us bad news that further increase our negative state of mind.

If you want to really get positive and helpful information, you need to read books that contain such information.

Thankfully with the advent and popularity of audio books, anyone can get the right information into his or her mind without having to "read".

You can enjoy the benefits of audio books while exercising, commuting to and from your work.

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Dennis Grant   1450 day(s) ago
Agree Mark, my reading went up when i joined my business. Thanks for the reminder
Richard Millner   1452 day(s) ago
Good reading. The power of the brain is great.
Richard Mathiason    1452 day(s) ago
Mark, There is a quote "Change your thinking, Change your Life" From your great post one could say 'Change what you read, Change your Life' or 'Change what you listen to, Change your Life'. Thanks for the post. Off to share it. Make it an incredible day in the IBO neighborhood! Richard
Tito Buduson   1452 day(s) ago
Hi Mark, your blog was worthy to read and thank you for your work. I appreciate.
Patricia Juhrend   1452 day(s) ago
I still read a great deal of books, I love reading and this is great advise.

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