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Testimonials from comF5 Clients
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I keep talking about how an app can explode your business. Here's a couple of testimonials that can speak for themselves:


"Accessing the comF5 platform for the development of the Wealthyfrog app has been an absolute breeze. We were able to design the content, customise the tabs and choose from a long list of functionality and icons. For Wealthyfrog, this has been a very affordable step into mobile technology and appearing on the Android Market and iTunes in under 10 days was a brilliant outcome. Our consultant Doug Abel really knew how to assist with the initial design and creative process AND get it to market efficiently."

Thanks Doug!

Giovanni's Ristorante

"Our touchPRO app for smartphones was launched on December 1, 2011. Within 6 weeks we had over 400 people download the app. We use the application to post our menu daily, and to send all our customers notifications of upcoming events. Our customers rave about how easy it is to make reservations and see what our specials are for that evening. We estimate that daily bookings are up 20% over the last four weeks, and we credit our mobile app for most of that growth. Our Chef Jimmy Paulino hosted a cooking class which sold out in one day with push notification from our app!

John Gaudu, Managing Partner - Giovanni's Ristorante

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