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Buy Your Austrian Philharmonic Coin Today
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Austrian Philharmonic
Struck in .999 pure silver, and created through a painstaking and demanding minting process, the 2011 Philharmonic is a stunning example of the exquisite precision and artistry that has made this coin so highly prized.

This coin was designed to honor one of the world's mot acclaimed orchestras: the Vienna Philharmonic, which has become tied to the national identity of Austria since it inception in 1842.

The grand organ of the Musikverein seen on the obverse of the Silver Philharmonic was originally installed in 1907. Since then, the organ has been rebuilt and upgraded four times, most recently in 2010. While the organ's neoclassical design has remained virtually unchanged since it was built more than one hundred years ago, nearly all of its mechanical parts have been replaced including 6, 138 of its pipes. All that remains of the original instrument are the 33 front pipes that are housed in the organ's ornate, gilded woodwork.

The reverse features a bouquet of instruments used by the great philharmonic orchestra, including violins, violas, a cello, harp, bassoon and Viennese horn.

These coins are produced at the well-respected Austrian mint, which was first established in the year 1194.
Weight: 31.103g
Diameter: 37.9 mm
Thickness: 3.2 mm
Composition: .999 Fine Silver

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