posted on: 2/27/2011 4:22:36 PM EST
The 2010 Chinese Silver Panda
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The 2010 Silver Pandas are here, having only recently been issued from the China Mint!

A favorite of children and adults alike, the Chinese Silver Panda coins display unique, fresh designs each year keeping their popularity always high amongst enthusiastic coin collectors. The 2010 coin features two Pandas playfully enjoying a bamboo field. The design on the reverse of the coin, which stays the same each year, displays the "Temple of Heaven".

Devotion to the tiniest detail and painstaking craftsmanship are the hallmarks of these scrupulously minted coins. Such dedication is evidenced by the almost lifelike imagery of these beloved bears.

Struck in one Troy ounce of 99.9% fine silver, each coin is a large 40mm.

Always highly sought after because the design changes from year to year, supplies of the 2009 Silver Panda were exhausted by the tremendous consumer demand for them. The expectations for this year indicate that demand will be even greater.

Coins make great gifts for any occasion, not to mention a beautiful addition to your collection.

Be sure to pick up your 2010 Silver Panda Coin today.

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