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Is WAZZUB A Scam? It Depends Where You Look and What You Believe.
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Firstly - I have joined WAZZUB. I joined because it is in pre-launch, I did not have to pay anything and joining now will maximise my return due to my “pre-launch” status.

Secondly - The fact that I have joined does not mean I have not done, or will continue to do, “due diligence” on the opportunity.

The reality is that if you google any “online opportunity” with the word “scam” at the end, you will receive a multitude of “hits”. Some of these are marketing tools, some are “factual” reviews, some are “fraudulent” reviews and some are just “nay sayers” who believe every opportunity on line is a scam.

But let’s be honest – even “traditional business” has it’s share of scams (just ask anyone who invested with “our friend” Bernie Madoff, or people who have had “superior” building work done).

So while on line “due diligence” will deliver a multitude of opinion, sifting through the material will take time and, by the end of it, you may be more confused than you were when you started. My advice – be cautious in accepting any particular view as an undeniable fact.

My “Scam Sniffing” Principles

What is a scam? To me it is an opportunity that basically says “give me your money, then I will show you the product, oh and can I have a few more personal details as well”. In effect the “the money for nothing (in return)” and based on “trust me” approach.

I base my assessment of an opportunity using what I call my “scam sniffing” principles. these are:

What is the product or service being sold
What is the cost
How does the compensation plan work (and get paid)
What information do I have to supply
Is there a website
What are other people saying about the opportunity (in on line community forums)

I find that by applying these principles I will generally avoid a “scam” (not always – because nothing is perfect).

The applicability of a principle (and the weight I give it) will be dependant on the opportunity and its “history”. Is it in “pre-launch” (like WAZZUB) or established (like Herbalife).

WAZZUB – The Assessment

So how does WAZZUB measure up on my “scam sniffing” scale. Let’s see:

What is the product or service being sold – you make their website your home page, and you receive money from the profits they generate from ad revenue generated from their site

What is the cost – Nil

How does the compensation plan work (and get paid) – profit sharing out of revenue they generate, but you will need a minimal down line in place

What information do I have to supply – basic information, name, email etc

Is there a website – yes (albeit still fairly basic)

What are other people saying about the opportunity (in on line community forums) – not really applicable at this point.

On the basis of the above no “red flags” were raised. I give them some basic details, I know what I have to do when it launches, I share in their profit, and it costs nothing. So what have I got to lose by joining up -nothing except for some time if it all falls a apart.

For me this is a “no brainer” – I can find no evidence that you will “lose”, but there is definitely a strong upside. So that is why I am in…why not join me – the only risk you have is a bit of your time may be lost if it doesn’t meet our expectations.

You can join me and benefit from pre-launch “up-sides” by clicking here.

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