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Is Your State Energy Deregulated Yet? Why Should You Care?
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Do you know if your state is deregulated for energy yet? There are about 26 states in some form of deregulation currently. You may ask - "why should I care?"

Here's the answer - Energy Deregulation right now is to the energy industry, what Microsoft is to the computer industry! It's BIG! What does energy deregulation mean?

Energy deregulation means that the consumer now has a choice! Monopolies are being broken up and consumers can now save on their electricity and natural gas purchases! This means savings for the consumer - but it also means earnings for those that want to take advantage of this industry change RIGHT NOW!

Several ESCO's (Energy Service Companies) have popped up in the currently deregulated states. Many, although not all of those ESCO's are getting their customers in the form of direct sales/network marketing! Why? Because although there is savings to be had, it's generally not enough to get consumers to switch. Often these companies offer incentives for switching - but the big deal is that the customers they sign on are generally people that they know personally...people that they know, love and trust. People that YOU know, love and trust will switch to help you out with your new business too!

In the ESCO that I am partnered with a consultant only needs to have 20 customers to be "vested" and continue to earn their monthly residual income - each and every month! We are also the only ESCO to offer our customers the opportunity to earn FREE energy!

What do the ESCO's in your state offer? Is your state deregulated yet? YES? Let the earning and savings begin! No? Get yourself positioned! Ask me what states my ESCO is currently in and where we are headed! You're gonna smile!

Do you know people who use electricity and natural gas?

Would they like to save money on those bills?

Would you like to get paid to help others save on their electric and natural gas bill ?

Just want to save money on your electric and natural gas bill?

Theresa Wilkins is the author of this blog. Theresa is an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy. This is an Independent Consultant Web Site and is not created nor maintained by Ambit Energy (a Texas-based retail Energy Provider, PUCT Certificate #10117). The site owner is soley responsible for the content. The Ambit Energy Independent Consultant Logo and name are the property of Ambit Energy Holdings, LLC and are used on this site by Permission.

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11/29/2011  A Better Way
11/28/2011  Are You Willing to Take a Chance to Make a Change?
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11/27/2011  How's Your Competition?
11/27/2011  Don't Be Afraid of Change
11/26/2011  What is Your REAL Retirement Plan?
11/26/2011  Where Will You Be 5 Years From Now?
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11/25/2011  It's All About Choices
11/24/2011  Take a Break!
11/23/2011  Points of Distribution is the Key to Successful Network Marketing
11/21/2011  Free Energy