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There’s a well-known adage, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” However, ponder its meaning & feel defeated at the outset. A violinist friend of mine was told this from a very early age. So when she would pick up her violin & bow & play her first few notes, the screeching sound hurt her ears so much & she felt badly for not performing well, even from the first lesson. She'd throw her violin on the sofa in disgust.

So I subscribe to a variation on this saying. “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly…at first.” With this in mind, each of us has the opportunity to begin just like everyone else…poorly. That’s right! What swimmer do you know who at the first lesson, swam flawless with rhythmic strokes the length of the pool & back? What musician played a piece of music impeccably the first time he or she sat down with the teacher? We won’t even begin to talk about airplane pilots!

So getting beyond the beginning baby steps of any endeavor, what makes one master the talent or skill? Contrary to what many believe, it’s not working away for long hours all at one time, & only attending to this skill a few times a week. According to a leading expert in marketing & personal development, Jeff Olson instructs us that the key to success is in making good decisions & doing the small, stupid, mundane tasks consistently over & over again, over a long period of time. This is the premise of his best seller, The Slight Edge.

Let’s take two parallel cases: two high school friends who always did the same things throughout the school years. Then they graduate from school & both get jobs in similar fields, like being a bus boy or dishwasher at a restaurant. After work, they come home, turn on the TV, grab a beer or two while watching the Sports Channel.

However, while the first guy is completely satisfied in the lifestyle day after day, the second guy decides his beer belly is getting too big & decides to work out. Each day he works out for a ½ hour (a manageable amount of time). He also cuts back on the beer & decides to eat better food. The next day, does he suddenly look better? No. How about after a month? Probably not. How about after 6 months? Yes! He didn’t try to work out like he was going to enter the Boston Marathon. If he had, he might have become discouraged and quit. He chose an achievable amount of exercise & did it consistently over a long period of time to achieve his fitness. How do you think he’d look after continuing in his regimen for 2 years? WOW!

The first guy continues on making the same errors in judgment day in & day out. After that same 2-year period, you probably won’t see any resemblance between the 2 young men!

The same principle applies to any business venture. The sure path to success is to plan your work and work your plan, to decide what you should do to move your business down the road to success & do them each day. Each one doesn’t take long. None are too exerting. But added up together, they are a recipe for excellence! Try it. It’s been proven time & again. And your proof will show everyone yet one more time! Check out how I utilize the system at . Go For It!

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Erma Empower Taylor   1393 day(s) ago
Really great blog and a reminder to stay focused and be consistent with what ever we are doing. Thank you for sharing this!
Tim Thorndike   1393 day(s) ago
Hey Lyle, I like to use "Stay the Course" also. I know of Ray Higgdon but what is mlsp? Not sure I know what that one is.
Jimmy Diggs   1393 day(s) ago
Tim Thorndike   1393 day(s) ago
Carolyn, thanks for viewing and sharing! Pass it on and pay it forward.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady   1393 day(s) ago
Liked and shared your post thank you very much.

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