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Maintain Discipline in Your Business
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To begin with, you've got to know what you want. Without that first step, you can forget about the rest. You simply won't succeed. Get a journal to record what it is that you want. Define it. Take it out each day to look at it and refine that vision. Have a time element involved for a short-term goal.

There are 3 things we need to do to become successful.
1. have a white-hot burning desire to be someone
2. be willing to work hard, meaning more than just 9-5
3. be coachable or teachable.
Your slight edge philosophy directly affects your attitudes, which directly affects your actions, which directly affects your results, which directly affects your lifestyle. The compound effect will lead to your success or failure. Let's remember that simple disciplines make all the difference. You have either daily disciplines or daily neglect.

Use a goal that will happen with or without you taking action. For instance, I signed up for a trip to tour the American West. Part of this tour involved hiking for a week through the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California, culminating in climbing Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental 48 States. Well, I had to get in shape for that somewhat strenuous hike. We would hike 12 miles a day over very scenic but somewhat steep mountainous terrain. This trip was going to happen with or without me and I wanted to be part of it. One of my goals is to climb 7 of the 14,000 foot peaks in the continental US within the next 10 years. I have a burning desire to achieve that, beginning with this climb. So, to make the hike enjoyable so I wasn't over-exerting myself, I decided on 5 mile hikes, stair-running and chair-stepping (step up on a chair seat with one foot, step down with the other, then reverse the order with 25 reps/day).

As with everybody and everyday, there are distractions to keep us from our goals. It was no different with me. I had to fight myself mentally to stay on track and hike when I didn't feel I had time, to run up and down stairs when my legs hurt, to stay the course no matter what, even when my wife had errands for me to run after work. But I finally came to terms with it and realized that if I didn't do these simple tasks everyday, that I would be burdening the rest of the group, because they would have to wait for me each day. Having a workout partner helped greatly. This is the person who has got your back when the yogurt hits the fan. "When the destination is desirable, expectation speed our progress." (Mary Baker Eddy)

To be disciplined in your business, you need it system-run, based on a system that anyone can follow. These would be:
1. plugging into the company's events,
2. exposing your product or services to at least 2 people every day,
3. attending your local meetings, whether they be a meeting you organized or networking meetings you're a member of. This might include BNI groups, or the Chamber of Commerce in your area.
4. dedicate yourself to personal development, reading at least 15 pages of a good business-related book a day and listening to 15 minutes of a good audio at the same time. Enough cannot be said about how natural to listen to personal development.

Discipline weighs ounces; regret weighs tons! Erase "regret" from your vocabulary. You have the choice to live a life of discipline or to live a life of regret. Make a choice NOW and make the right choice. Don't catch yourself making a wrong choice. The choice you want to make is a moment-by-moment decision for the greater good of all, to bless all.

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Ludwina Van Hyfte   1388 day(s) ago
Thank you Michael, maintaining a good structured workplan isn't easy when working on the internet..but essential. thank you for sharing this blog post
Tim Thorndike   1388 day(s) ago
Thanks Michael. Discipline is so easy to do, but so easy not to do. So we don't discipline ourselves. The result is regret, which does no one any good. It's a choice.
Michael Parker Sr    1392 day(s) ago
"Discipline weighs ounces; regret weighs tons!".....POWERFUL!!!!!

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