posted on: 4/25/2012 1:04:09 AM EST
6 Steps to Protect Teens Against Identity Theft, Part 2
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Here are Steps 2-6 Steps in a continuing blog to protecting your teens against Identity Theft while they seek to spread their wings of independence . (Again, maybe it would be better if they read this themselves.)

Hey Teens!

2. Safeguard your account numbers, checks & credit cards. Keep your credit cards, checks, records & other info a safe place, & if you shop or pay bills online, check to be sure that the business is reputable and that the website is secure before entering your info. As soon as you notice your credit cards are lost or stolen, report them to the credit card issuer immediately, so that you won't be held responsible for any further charges.

Don't share passwords. No one should have access to your passwords for any of your online accounts, including the email account where you receive financial statements and emails from your bank. You ought to write up a letter of instruction directed to your family, should anything happen to you.

It's generally a good practice not to share your passwords, to store them in a safe place, and to use different passwords for each account.

3. Review credit reports from Experian, Equifax & TransUnion each year. For the most part, ID theft isn't about credit. However, indications that your ID has been compromised show up first on your credit report. Therefore, check the reports for errors. Left alone, they can negatively impact your credit rating for some time. You can get a free report if you're ever denied credit or if you take out a loan. Aside from that, every 12 months you’re entitled to receive a free report from each of the 3 major credit bureaus at . Your credit reports also can alert you to fraudulent accounts opened in your name. You can lessen the potential damage to your credit rating if you catch such activity early.

4.Look over your bills & statements when you receive them. If you have questions about recurring fees, or if you find a mistake or a charge that you didn't incur, take care of them ASAP. Try to look over your statements as soon as you get them, call your financial institution with any questions, & keep your files organized so that you can retrieve them easily when you need them.

5. Shred any records you're ready to dispose of. Some financial records should be kept for 1 year. Others should be kept up to 7 years. Check with your accountant.

6. Ultimately, if a thief really wants your information, they can get it without your help. It's all out there on the Internet through online access to public records & personal accounts. It's impossible to prevent an ID theft. You can only hinder a thief from getting your info. So, what's one to do? Get identity theft protection that can reverse all fraudulent records, track down the thieves, and prosecute them with a program called Identity Theft Shield available through LegalShield. You would be working with Kroll, employing the world's leading risk management company with the top investigators in the industry. Go to for more info. Don't wait! Do it Now! Before something happens that you can't reverse!

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Dean Corbitt    1387 day(s) ago
You're welcome, Tim. Glad to help you. Let's talk this weekend.. I've got some updates that I would like to share with you.
Tim Thorndike   1387 day(s) ago
Thanks, Dean! Good to hear from ya! Thanks for sending it on to FB. Mightly nice of you!
Dean Corbitt    1387 day(s) ago
Great information Tim. I appreciate you posting this. There are so many people out there who need to hear this kind of protective/preventative information. Tweeted and sent to fb for ya.
Nena Patton   1387 day(s) ago
Great information. Thank you for posting.
Ludwina Van Hyfte   1387 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing this.

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