posted on: 5/21/2012 9:47:37 AM EST
My Latest Driving Story
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Late one evening recently, I was driving home and eager to get to bed. I was about 1000 feet from my home when I saw those dreaded blue and red lights behind me flashing in my rear view mirror. The police officer stopped me and told me that I'd driven 47 mph in a 35 mph zone. I apologized that I didn't notice my speed on that stretch of road. When I gave him my driver's license and proof of auto insurance card, I noticed that the card had expired. I remembered that I'd received the renewal card in the mail, but I guess I hadn't put it in my wallet yet. I apologized for that, too, but he assured me that was alright. He took my things back to his patrol car and when he came back, he told me that he wouldn't give me a ticket for speeding, but he would give me a ticket for lack of proof of insurance.

The next morning, I called City Hall to ask if I could simply bring my current proof of insurance card to them to prove I was indeed insured. I was told "absolutely not." I didn't have the correct card with me when the police officer stopped me, so I needed to pay the fine. Asking the cost of a speeding ticket in that area at that speed, I was told it's a $180 fine and a point on my license. Then asking about the lack of proof of insurance fine, the clerk said it was a $290 fine and TWO points on my license.

I immediately called my LegalShield provider law firm and asked for help. The attorney reassured me it would be alright. I faxed him a copy of my proof of insurance card. Some days after the court date, I called my attorney again. He told me I should be getting something in the mail from the prosecuting attorney soon. Sure enough, the next day it arrived. It was an invoice that had stated "Lack of Proof of Insurance" that was crossed out and under that was written "Defective Tail Light" for $150 and no points. That was crossed off and beneath that was written "Parking fine" for $75. That, too, was crossed off and the final writing stated "Court Costs" for $20! WOW!

What a difference between that and $290 with 2 points. Between the points and the fine, the points would have been the worst of them. With points considerably raising one's insurance premiums over years, and with employers now looking at employee driving records when determining the work and advancement worthiness of that employee, those points are the "gift that keeps on giving"! My LegalShield membership saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Thank goodness for LegalShield!

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Dave Minor   1355 day(s) ago
Great blog Tim. Prepaid is good to have. God Bless
Bruce Ashman   1355 day(s) ago
Tim -what an amazing story - wish we had something like this in Australia...over here we have more speed cameras than traffic lights (well that's the way it seems).
Tim Thorndike   1355 day(s) ago
Thanks Starr! I appreciate the thoughts! The plan includes many preventative, as well as "curative" services. In other words, many of the legal services you need most are covered in the membership! It's great!
STARR WHITE   1363 day(s) ago
Tim , Great blog , shows you the kind of society we really live in and you have to be protected at all times . It's sad , but the protection program you have , thank God for that
Tim Thorndike   1363 day(s) ago
Lonnie, you're so right! Forgive, forgive, forgive. Government & employees across the spectrum seem under so much pressure to please their bosses, that they take it out on the next person they talk to. If they'd only shift their thinking from the employee quadrant to the business quadrant. Then they'd more easily please their bosses, for they would be their own bosses in business for themselves!

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