posted on: 5/23/2012 2:11:00 AM EST
Never Say "Tomorrow"
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There's great wisdom in the famous maxim, "Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today." When it comes to being productive in our lives, NOW is the best time to get things done. Mary Baker Eddy was one of the most industrious women of her time in the late 19th and early 20th century. She wrote on this subject (in part), "This was an emphatic rule of St. Paul: "Behold, now is the accepted time." A lost opportunity is the greatest of losses. Whittier mourned it as what "might have been." We own no past, no future, we possess only NOW. If the reliable NOW is carelessly lost in speaking or in acting, it comes not back again."

Whenever we put off a task of any sort, we make that task exponentially more difficult to accomplish later. I know a person who typically puts a simple task off for another day. But before she gets around to it, another more difficult task needs her attention that required the know-how of that first task. Before she knows it, she's buried in projects unable to surface for air without help. Do you ever notice how tiring and wearing the thought of an incomplete task is? So what's keeping us from doing the deed and checking it off before the next big item appears on our radar screen? It comes in many disguises, but the basic element behind it all is fear. Being uncertain that we can complete the job, that we can do it right the first time, that it'll meet with approval, that we'll ultimately succeed.

"Be not afraid!" It's more commonly accepted today than 40 years ago when I first heard that FEAR is really nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. It has no power of its own & each one gives it the only power it ever has. Conquering fear enables us to take action NOW, whether it's making the 100th phone call to make a sale, meeting with influential community leaders that are skeptical of what you have to offer, or the crippling fear that if you are indeed successful, this act will change your life forever, and you're not so sure you'd want that. Have confidence in something greater than yourself & you'll find the confidence to do "it" today.

The eminent real estate investor & New York newspaper editor from 1882-1936 who wrote a columns named "Today", Arthur Brisbane, once said, "While the fool is enjoying the little he has, I will hunt for more. The way to hunt for more is to utilize your odd moments...the man who is always killing time is really killing his own chances in life."

In my business, we've not been delaying or procrastinating. We're calling "all hands on deck." The work to be done is NOW & we're living in the NOW, enjoying the results NOW! I trust you are, too!

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Al Turnquist   1345 day(s) ago
I needed to read this. Thanks
Anne Long   1345 day(s) ago
I really needed this.. I need a 12 step program for procrastination. Thanks for sharing.
Tim Thorndike   1345 day(s) ago
Zalee, I really, really like your play on words about procrastination as the worst nation under the sun. Procrasti-nation! LOL! You're tops!
Zalee Harris   1357 day(s) ago
Thank you Tim! I declare war on procrastination; the worse nation under the sun.
Tim Thorndike   1357 day(s) ago
Thanks Darleen! With enough people encouraging each other, we can stop suffering from the dreaded disease of procrastination. We Shall Overcome!

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