posted on: 3/17/2012 3:40:34 PM EST
St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day, christian

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Does anyone really know why St Patrick’s Day is celebrated? Who was the real Patrick? When we start traditions we really should get to know exactly how something was started and from that we will know why it is still being done today.
The first St Patrick was from Britain and was not from Ireland or Irish. Patrick was kidnapped at 16 years old and was sold overseas into slavery to tend sheep in a mountainous part of Ireland. He had not developed any religious interests as a young child, but through his kidnapping he was converted to a Christian.
Patrick was said to have heard a voice in his dream; that told him to escape from Ireland on a pirate ship, and he found his way back to Britain where he was united with his family. Most of what Patrick became as a Christian was due to the fact of his kidnapping and being sold into bondage as a slave. He learned to adapt and trust in his faith to see him through. The work he tried to do in Ireland to convert others to christiany may have appeared to be unfruitful but in the end it is his relationship with God that kept him in the faith.
It is said that after his death the folk lore says that St Patick used the three leaves of a shamrock which we call today a three leaf clover to explain the Christian holy trinity of father, son and Holy Ghost. This is only one of the myths that are used to explain the reason for St Patrick’s Day.
Elizabeth Tinker

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Zalee Harris   1427 day(s) ago
Thank you Elizabeth... Right on. We really need to know what we are celebrating. Like Christmas and Easter - it is about commercialism. What does a rabbit and boiled chicken eggs have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What does giving gifts to other human beings have to do with celebrating Christ's birth? - Christ told us to remember his death not his birth?

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