posted on: 3/24/2012 1:26:26 AM EST
Push the panic button!
push, panic

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When you start looking for help, where do you look? We think that when we call for help; it will be right there, but in most cases it won't be. It used to be a time when you called for the police, we trusted them but now it is not the case. Some of the police have become so corrupt and uncaring that we can’t depend on them to help us. The example is the shooting of a black 17 year old young man in Florida; by the neighborhood watch volunteer, who stated that he had a gun and pulled it out on him. Where is the gun? Now we are in panic mode.
When we are on these block watches we need to make sure that volunteers or paid participants know there responsibility. Are we allowing guns to rule over our reasoning of whether we choose to profile someone based on age, race, or whether they carry skittles and a soft drink. What gives them the right to not even check to see who it was, and why it was that this young man may have been out at this particular time? The young man was in his own neighborhood, and any why should he have to be afraid.
When we push the panic button, what does it mean? My panic button is to make sure that justice is for all. Today, we must realize that so many people are disregarding rules and regulations to do it their way. The price is this young man’s life for his family, but for someone else the arrest and trial of another person. Will it resolve the issue or add more panic for the whole entire nation. Life is precious and it should be cherished, because once lost we cannot go back and do it over again.

Elizabeth Tinker

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