posted on: 3/8/2012 6:42:47 AM EST
Is Unique Necessary?
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You've heard the term I'm sure, "unique selling position". According to marketers in the know everyone is supposed to have one. What is it exactly?

Entire books have been written on the subject and we certainly don't have time for that here. What I want to offer up is a suggestion on what it isn't.

Stay with me now. A USP by it's own title suggests that it has to be different. This is where I think a lot of folks derail the train. We begin focusing on how our program or product or comp plan is so different or unique.

Guess what? People don't really care.

If they use a product they want it to work. If they get involved in the business they want to make money. It doesn't have to be unique, it HAS TO WORK.

Starbucks isn't unique. They sell coffee. They do it well.

How many burger joints are out there? Different? Not really. You pick the one that's handy or the one you prefer. Why? Because you're hungry.

My suggestion. Stop trying to be different. Strive to be better. Make sure the product you represent actually works. Make sure you can actually help the people you involve in your business make money.

If you do, you actually will be unique.

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Bud Foltyn   1426 day(s) ago
I love Starbucks. And I love being unique - BUT I also enjoy having a product that works, and a plan that help ALL people succeed. Great Blog, Tony!
Tony Logue   1432 day(s) ago
great comment Doug. Love it. Here's to uniformity
zita slawinski   1432 day(s) ago
great blogg great success within us
Doug Macnab   1432 day(s) ago
I like this blog, Tony...if we can help each other experience success...then we can all be the same...successful. Here's to uniformity!
Jack Albright    1432 day(s) ago
How very true Tony.

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