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Does Killer Content Work
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All the buzz going around about Killer Content is there for a reason and the program is definitely living up to all the hype.

Killer Content is getting ready to go viral in a big way, believe me.

To say this is a full featured program for creating an online presence that will dominate any niche you are is an understatement and does a disservice to the program.

For the first time someone (Socrates Socratous the creator) has compiled an unimaginable amount of extremely high quality content and married it to a “thing” that is hard to describe. It is a data management program, but that sounds too complicated and if I call it a word processor that sounds too simple.

Whatever title you want to give this program is up to you, but it is the most powerful tool to search and manipulate data a marketer will ever need while at the same time it is as simple as editing a document.

Let me walk you this to give you an idea what I am talking about.

You create a project; this is as simple as clicking on the word “new project” and typing in the name of your new project.

Then you search the list of only God knows how many super high quality articles. You don’t just search this list randomly, although you can if you want. You search this list by Keyword. Yes, you type in the exact keyword or phrase you want and the filter will generate a data base of thousands of articles with your specific keyword.

When you open an article you can edit and change the article any way you want, right there like you were on your favorite word processor. With a click of a button you can even “spin” the article right from the same screen with a very powerful spinning program. When you get the article the way you want it then you just save it to your project.

Then you just repeat the process over and over until you have as much content as you want in the project you created.

Now you go to your project to complete the process. You can auto-post your content directly to your blog. The auto-post program lets you control every aspect of how the content will hit your blog. You can set times and dates for each article to hit or you can just send them out all at once the choice is yours, but to just have a choice at all is something amazing.

Just because you are posting your content doesn’t mean the fun will stop there, you can generate an ebook in pdf format directly from your project window with a single click of a button.

Click, BOOM! An instant ebook with chapters arranged in the order of the article numbers in your project. Once again, you have full control over the look, feel and layout of the book and it is less complicated than a word processor.

Like I said, I don’t know what kind of a title you would give a program like Killer Content, but if I ever meet Socrates I want to shake his hand. I highly recommend this system.

Check out Killer Content here

To your Success,
Todd and Sarah

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