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Why People Fail And What You Can Do About It.
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Why People Fail And What You Can Do About It.

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I went for a long walk last night and I got to reflect on a lot of things that have happened over the course of the past year. One of the things that I’ve been reflecting on is the way that I’ve developed my habits.

I’ve become much more successful at forming habits now than I was in the past. In the past I would quit because I had set myself up for failure.

There are common patterns that people follow that produce successful results vs. unsuccessful ones. So I want to share my insights because I believe a lot of people have the same problem that I did… a fundamental lack of persistence and focus…

We live in a world where instant gratification is no longer fast enough. We’re surrounded and bombarded by messages of the newest miracle pill, business opportunity and wonder drug.

The problem with these instant formulas is that they may work temporarily but they will not likely work over time.

I have met many people who are looking to change everything in their life today. They want to turn their relationship around, build a business, get fit and eat healthy all in one day. Those are beautiful intentions. I think that people ought to have those desires. The expectation to change or “fix” them instantly is what stops us.

Instant gratification is the cause of a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, frustration and self-sabotage. It is the enemy health, the ruin of financial success and the bane of living a truly spectacular life.

The only way to change next year is to change who you are today by developing the habits that create the life you desire.

Consistency is the key.

If your goal is to change everything in one day and that expectation isn’t met, you will quit. The thought behind it is that “this didn’t work so I’ll have to try the next one.”

You go to the gym one day and your body doesn’t change… except that you’re in a world of pain and can hardly walk the next day. If your expectation was to change your body in the first session or even the first few sessions, you will be let down.

If your goal is to build a successful business within a week, month or 6 month period, you will be let down. Very few people have the skills to create that type of business in the first 6 months.

It takes me 6 months to get good enough at something to make it work.

The desire to change is necessary and good. The expectation for immediate results is the framework for failure.
You can’t wake up at 6 AM every day until you’ve done it one day.
You can’t earn one million dollars until you’ve earned one dollar.
You can’t travel the world until you travel to one country.
The key to growth is to make progress.

I wanted to wake up at 6 AM, meditate, work out and eat a healthy breakfast every day. I missed one day and I called my week a failure. At that time I did not realize that 4/5 was a success… I focused on what I didn’t do rather than on what I did! I didn’t give myself the credit for my wins. I just had to change my focus.

After thinking about this, I made the commitment to do this once per week. I started exceeding that. I started developing momentum. It still doesn’t happen every day but it sure happens more than it did when I was focused on the failure.

When I first started online, I wanted to pour eight hours per day into it because I wanted massive results fast. I found that I couldn’t give it eight hours per day. I didn’t even know enough to fill the eight hours. I was extremely frustrated. I decided that I would spend one hour each day in extreme focus to get everything working. It worked. I gained momentum and within 3 or 4 months I became a full-time internet marketer.

Nothing changes overnight. You can’t build wealth overnight. You may get rich, but if you continue broke or middle-class habits, you will go right back to where you began.

So it’s essential to build the habit.

3 keys to creating successful habits:

1. Develop a powerful and compelling reason why you want it.

“I want to be able to retire and travel the world.”

This is not compelling. The terms “retire” and “world travel” are too ambiguous to elicit strong enough emotion to follow through.

“I feel like I missed out on [Travel]. The world calls me to be engaged in it. I love people and I love learning about different cultures and the history of the world. I want to travel the world with a backpack and experience the local cultures of countries (X, Y and Z). In order to do this, I will create( A, B, C passive income stream) that allows me to have fun while serving (insert ideal client here). “

This is a much more compelling reason why. It combines both pain and pleasure.

2. Define the end result you want to experience.

I want to wake up at 6 AM every day to meditate, exercise and spend time with my loved ones.

3. Action this and celebrate progression.

“I woke up at 6 AM twice this week and meditated every morning.”

This is progress. With progress comes momentum and with momentum you will experience compounding successes.

Momentum is everything. So make progress each and every day.

I hope you find this helpful in your success journey.

Tom McKinney
Independent Business Owner

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Vonda Futral   1408 day(s) ago
Building your own success requires small steps and a gallant effort to change, not just habits but all aspects of who you really are. What is your level of discipline determination and desire? These are only 3 of the many success features.
David Glassey   1409 day(s) ago
Great content guys - have a great day.
Kari Lowell   1409 day(s) ago
What A Great And Positive Post This Is!! Tweeting For You! Have A GREAT Weekend!

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