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Almost Game Day!
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Almost Game Day!

Posted at 7 March 2012, 4:25 pm to The Health Advocate | Nutrilite from Amway

By: Andy Gamm

No post yesterday, had to put my hockey hat on and talk videos with the Amway sponsored Detroit Red Wings down in Motown.

And since tomorrow is travel day for the big event – Kurt Warner’s Ultimate Football Experience, presented by Nutrilite, I’ll toss a few more facts and QBs at you today.

At the moment, we are still waiting for Kurt and Co. to unveil QB number 12, but I do have a few more to join the already incredibly impressive roster of Kurt, Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Ponder, Brad Johnson, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Steve Young and Alex Smith…

Tampa Bay signal caller Josh Freeman is the second youngest to play this year (just in front of Ponder). He’s been in the league for three seasons and is a first timer for UFE this year. Anquan Boldin joined with Larry Fitzgerald to make up a dynamic duo for Kurt to toss to when the Cardinals unexpectedly burst onto the scene and into the Super Bowl a few years back. Also back this year, to defend his crown as reigning champ? Rich Gannon.

Fun facts of the day… UFE QBs have played for at least 12 different teams during their collective careers, with the Vikings one of the most represented squads. There are at least 10 championship rings among the players in this year’s event and at least 39 Pro Bowl’s played in. And did you know, Rich Gannon is the only 2-time, back to back MVP in Pro Bowl history?

By the way, momentum is picking up on everyone’s favorite question – Is Kurt Warner coming back to pro football???


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