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Eye of the Turtle Works
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One24 has been creating change within our industry. The company has created a compensation plan that allows the average person to have success in a home based business. In short, the comp plan within One24 enables all PCs to be a network marketing gurus. There are many reasons for the success of our company and PCs. Here are just a few reasons why One24, and why now:

One24 just celebrated their one year anniversary. This is huge milestone in our company, as we have had massive growth in the past year. There are currently over 30,000 active PCs in the company with an attrition rate that is shocking the entire industry. One24 is currently one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the entire industry.

One24 pays out a true 50% of the revenues generated from the sale of the core product. This is rare in the industry, which often pays much less. In fact, many companies have something called breakage in the comp plan, which simply means that some money is not paid out. One24 always pays out 50%… no matter what. Best of all, incomes earned in One24 continue to grow every month. There are multiple 5 figure monthly income earners in the organization and growing every month. There have been numerous stories in our team and in the company of individuals who have earned more in One24 than years in other opportunities. Best of all many are experiencing significant incomes from just the eye of the turtle pace… one green ticket a month.

One24 is simple! This is truly a business that everyone can do. One24 takes just a few hours a week at most, and if you maintain the eye of the turtle pace you can build a significant income in just a few hours a month. Keep it simple, share the videos with others, and you will find that many will want to join your waiting list.

Believe in the process… it works. We are seeing many people in our One24 team who are well on their way to earning six figure monthly incomes and while everyone may not meet this goal there will be a lot who see six figure annual income as a result of their efforts. You can do this business, believe in the process and believe in yourself and you can retire in 24 months!

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