posted on: 12/24/2011 2:42:36 AM EST
12,925 paying customers in 53 days? (merry christmas)
empower network, 100%, commissions

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See how it started here:

* not for wussies.

Here's the truth - in the last
53 days - 35 people in a smelly
room in Orlando decided something...

...that created an army of 12,925
paying customers in less than 2

You see, most of the time when
people quote numbers like that,
they're talking about leads, or
'free signups'

(usually into a crappy deal with
no real substance...)

Here, though...

...we're talking about stuff that
gives REAL VALUE to people.

(yes - even if they're not in to
make money)

See how it started here:

* That video was held under
guard until just a few moments

...when I decided that you needed
to see how it began...

Because - just as an example of
what we have here, the 'Costa
Rica Intensive' DVD series that
we sell was actually a retreat that
people happily paid $2,995 to

...and you can get it for only...

See this.

and I'll see you on the beaches
of the world.

In prosperity,

P.S. Merry Christmas :)

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Javier Camacho   1240 day(s) ago
awesome PR, great content and good quality. @yumiospublishing

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