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Generating 100s of Free Leads The Easy Way
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Producing free marketing leads for your network marketing business might be a challenge for you. Have you found any tips on how to get some yet?

I am positive that there are actually incredibly few of us who can truthfully claim that we've too many leads so we all have to be generating leads all of the time if we want to build our mlm team.

Now I'm going to reveal to you the modern way of producing leads along with the old fashioned way. You can decide on which you prefer.

The modern day method.

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The Way It Was Once Done.

The very first thing you had to do was to have a web site. You registered your or your business' name as a domain name. To set up your internet site you needed to use a no cost tool called WordPress.

There were some absolutely free websites out there for anyone who was seriously strapped for cash but they were not as effective at producing leads.

You customized your pages and posts, added images, added videos and even audio. You had to make sure though that you incorporated a page which was sort of a contact page so that your prospects could get in touch with you easily. It was be even better when you put a map on it to show where your office was.

On a further page you put all your personal and professional details. Maybe an architect put a list of their past projects with diagrams which was a good idea. If you were a business owner a list of your merchandise and services may also have been included.

For anyone who completed the layout of the website then it was be time to do some Search Engine optimization on it. This was to put your internet site on the front page of SERPs which drove free organic site visitors into your webpage.

Finding cost-free visitors was like receiving absolutely free leads mainly because people today will still see your web site.

I will leave it to you whether you want to generate your free leads the old way or the new way.

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