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To Join or Not To Join - Safe or Sorry?
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Do you do a thorough check on a program BEFORE joining or spending any cash in it? Do you know how to tell if a program is legitimate or not?

I received an email, today, which led me to click a link inside and it brought me to an excellent article that I think EVERYONE would be best off reading and following the advice. I thought I'd share it here for anyone that might be looking for the signs that a program is ia scam, but, don't really know what to look for.Hope it helps.

To Join or Not To Join - Safe or Sorry?
Author: Val Burnett

What do you do when you see a new program being launched and
circulating like wild-fire through your emails? Do you click
on the link and sign up right away without researching it? Do
you not even give it a second thought because you have seen
so much advertising for it already? You may think to yourself
that there are so many people promoting it, that it has to be
a good program.

My philosophy for any program that comes out, I research it to
satisfy my own curiosity. Just because Sally, Peter and John
have joined does not necessarily make it a good program for me.

Here is what I do to check out a new site where I am not
familiar with the creators of the program:

1) I view the site to see how well it is presented. Was the
site professionally designed? Is it a Mickey-mouse job quickly
thrown together. Usually your first impression of a website
will tell you a bit about the people behind the website.

2) I check to see if there is a FAQ on the site and if there
is, are there in depth questions and answers available for
those that may need them

3) I view the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy to see if there
is one sometimes lots of hidden terms can be found and it is
always best to read through the Terms of Service just so you
know what you are getting into and for your own piece of mind.

4) Is there contact information for the company/website owners?
Is this info prominently displayed or do you have to hunt it
down? Do they hide this information? Is there just a contact
form available with nothing else provided on the details of
the owners or the company?

5) If there is no contact info or an about us page, I will then
usually do a Whois search and see what type of information comes
up. Do they display their phone number, is their information not
provided on the domain registration. Usually with this information,
I can then do a search on Google and see if I can find any more
information about the program or the website owners

Now to many people this may seem like a lot of steps to go through.
But for myself, I consider it a few precious moments to make sure I
am not leaping before I look. When any of us joins a program and
start to promote it; We are in fact giving it our seal of approval.
How can we give it our seal of approval if we truly don?t know much
about the owners, the website or the program and can not find any
information about them.

Personally, I have no problems signing up for a new program that
was created by newcomers. I think it is great. But if a new program
or website wants us to join their programs, then I believe the few
points above should be met. I believe every program should have
their contact information displayed, information about who they
are or their plans. Just a few simple paragraphs on a website can
help ease a person?s mind but also makes the site more personable.
This will bring more signups.

So next time you are going to join a new program do some
checking first. It could save you heartache down the road by
doing some checking and finding out the answers to your questions.
You have then equipped yourself with the answers your customers,
subscribers, members may be looking for as well when you refer
them to the new website.

Be safe out there and do your research on any program you are
going to promote! Your seal of approval for any program should
not be taken lightly!

To Join or Not To Join - Safe or Sorry?
This is your choice.. Choose wisely.


About Author:

Val Burnett is owner of many responsive marketing
programs including
Plus publisher of BizMajic News 41,000 Subscribers

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