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"Does anyone know anything about the product “Inner Armour Sport Nutrition” it’s 1330 calories per serving with 50 grams of protein and 260 grams of carbs. 

One of the football coaches of a high school team where I train one of the players told the players that it’s mandatory for them to take this product twice a day. They have to meet in school every morning and drink one and after every practice". .......Join to keep reading.....

"Hi Coaches,

I know this question may fall in the "it depends" category, but what's the minimum amount of plates that you usually have per rack?

Our racks have space to store 45's, 35's, 25's, 10's, 5's and 2,5's. We work with clients from high school to professional level"......Keep reading......


"Hi all,

Happy New Year! I recently had a parent ask me to contact each strength coach on staff of their daughters "college list". The girl plays AAA hockey and is 14 years old. I do appreciate the ambition, but also want to respect the process and truly believe that if you're good enough the schools will find you.

I wish it were the case that I knew all the coaches on staff of these schools personally, but that is simply not the case. I want to respect the parents request, but having a hard time distinguishing between helping optimize any athlete I train recruiting experience, and what is overkill. "........... keep reading......