With many probiotic formulations  available to a consumer today, just a few fulfill their expectations. We would like to talk about a new probiotic named Visbiome. However, it’s name may be new, while history of it’s formulation goes way back. In the mid-1990s, Professor Claudio De Simone, M.D. invented a proprietary blend of probiotic strains (the “De Simone Formulation”).  Most recently the professor De Simone collaborated with ExeGi Pharma, LLC to produce Visbiome, a probiotic that uses the original proprietary blend of probiotic strains that De Simone originally invented over 20 years a go. Also, Visbiome contains non dairy free formulation. In fact, researchers widely studyed this formulation and with over 60 published human clinical studies this is the most studied probiotic in the world.

Why Try Visbiome.

Visbiome formulation contains the highest available concentration of live bacteria then any other probiotic formulation in the world. Originally design for for the dietary management of IBS, ulcerative, colitis and an ileal pouch. Visbiome contains good bacteria that naturally produced in our body, Visbiome is beneficial for our digestive and immune system. According to the 2014 Practice Guidelines by AASLD and EASL, probiotics may be an effective treatment of hepatic encephalopathy, though rigorous evaluation in standardized, randomized, clinical trial with clinically relevant outcomes is still needed. A new study reported in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences found that a probiotic formulation decreased inflammation in the cerebrospinal fluid, which is associated with neurocognitive disorders in people living with HIV.

Visbiome is available in capsule and powder packet form. Each Visbiome capsule contain 112.5 Billion strain, while each Visbiome Powder Packet contains 450 Billion Bacteria. Visbiome is NON GMO, Kosher and Halal, it is also available over the counter. However, Visbiome should be taken under the supervision of a physician. Visbiome Es is a prescription strength. Probiotic Visbiome is made in USA.

Visbiome is available at Vitamin Cove USA. We store and ship Visbiome refrigerated. All shipments include an ice pack and styrofoam lined box.

NOTE: Visbiome can be safely stored at room temperature for as long as one week.

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