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3/6/2015  Imagine no more Cable, RedBox, Movie Rental monthly bills again!
4/16/2014  Brand new Marketing Tool!
4/11/2014  The Power of my Team
6/28/2012  What is your purpose in life?
6/24/2012  My Alarm Clock
6/20/2012  Found a New Free Advertising Tool!
6/17/2012  How I spent Father's Day
6/9/2012  What Makes You Smile?
6/6/2012  Update on Buttons, my rescue puppy.
5/31/2012  My Favorite Place!
5/25/2012  What are you grateful for today?
5/21/2012  My Patience Builder
5/19/2012  Awesome New Social Media Site
5/17/2012  Are You a True Friend?
5/14/2012  My Favorite Quotes
5/12/2012  Angel's Gate - a wonderful cause
5/10/2012  What My Brother Taught Me
4/27/2012  My New Website
4/16/2012  Who Am I
4/14/2012  The Power of Lemons
4/4/2012  Amazing Friends!
3/27/2012  What fun creating your own video emails!
2/4/2012  Hardcore Saddles
1/29/2012  My Rescue Puppy Story
1/21/2012  A dear friend needs our help
12/29/2011  Get Paid to Stay at Home and Social Network!
12/18/2011  Helping People Help People!
12/12/2011  Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago
12/5/2011  The Contest Is On - Who is the Winner?
12/4/2011  Evolving into a Network Marketer
11/17/2011  Did you get your Facebook check?
11/14/2011  My Search for Work at Home Opportunities