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Where do I find
where do I find, Wanda K Robinson, basic knowledge, motivation, yearning, strength, excel, live, faithfulnes

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Where do I find
By Wanda K Robinson

Where do I find (I meaning you) motivation to strive, yearning to support my wants, strength to keep moving forward, excel with basic knowledge, live to achieve, faithfulness to continue on?

Motivation, Yearning, Strength, Excel, Live, Faithfulness each letter that begins each of these words spells out the answer where do I find; M Y S E L F

That is right it does not matter if you have the best; mentor, company, plan or products, if you (MYSELF) do not have the desire to achieve; Succeed!

“You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink”

You have to be willing to;

• Know what a leader knows
• Be as a leader is
• Do what a leader does
• Grow as a leader grows

Motivation, Yearning, Strength, Excel, Live, Faithfulness is within you, it spells it out…M. Y. S. E. L. F. is the only thing that is keeping you from your dream.

Some people have found a way to use M. Y. S. E. L. F. and excel to the top, never looking back, focused on the end, and reaching their goal.

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Wanda Robinson   1386 day(s) ago
Cheryl thank you for the comment and will return the favor. See you at the top.
Wanda Robinson   1386 day(s) ago
Leslie thanks for the comment, and the share will return the favor. See you at the top.
Leslie Goodwin   1386 day(s) ago
I agree! Leadership is key. Sharing this Wanda.
Wanda Robinson   1386 day(s) ago
Marian thanks for the comment see you at the top.. and on the wall of someones office. :)
Marian Gurowicz   1386 day(s) ago
I can almost see M.Y.S.E.L.F as a poster hanging on someone's office wall.

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