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Is Bonofa/Cube 7 a Scam?
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Is Bonofa/Cube 7 a Scam?

The question is Bonofa a scam? Being a partner of the Bonofa community I get asked that question quite a bit. I will try to answer that question with information that I have obtained. I have been a partner for about 45 days now and from everything that I have seen from the professional landing pages to the back office and automated business system that is in place to the paying out of commissions already has led me to believe that Bonofa is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the internet community as soon as Cube 7 is launched.

So many people have been taken in by startup companies that they are reluctant to pull the trigger on the next big opportunity offering massive 7 figure incomes, cars, and big cash bonuses. I know people say when something is too good to be true it usually is but I believe this is the real deal.

Some of the people speaking for Bonofa are some real game players who I believe wouldn’t associate themselves with something that they didn’t feel strong about. Kapesh Patel is a well known motivational speaker who has been apart of launches of network marketing products before. Chad Nicely has been in network marketing for over 12 years and promoting all kinds of products and has done extremely well. Christian Goebel has just left Talk Fusion to become apart of the Bonofa team so I think they see the potential of how this new social media platform is going to rock the world.

They have a new general manager in place, Dirc Zahlman who has been in network marketing for over 20 years and is please to be aboard. The pieces are already in place to launch this massive new Cube 7 social media platform that combines 5 of the hottest trends on the internet: Communication, Shopping, Gaming, Entertainment, and Apps. They have a marketing plan in place to achieve 110 million users to obtain their 15 Billion dollar IPO in 2017. They don’t need our money to complete the project like most startup companies because they have put 8 Million dollars of their own to complete the first phase of the platform with 29 more to come in the coming years.

I am part of the Cube7University Facebook fan page and founder Mariska Van de Langenberg and Frank van Zon met with Corporate CEO’s and corporate staff of Bonofa a few weeks ago and came back with raving reviews of the people, corporation and platform to come.

I really believe that Bonofa has all the pieces of the puzzle in place to be a force to be reckoned with and be a successful, legit business for years to come. So once the again the answer to the question Is Bonofa a Scam? My answer to that is NO from everything that I have seen so far. If you would like more information about becoming a Bonofa partner please click the visit the website link.

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