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Where am I going!!
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People always asked me my whole life, Nathan what do you want to do with your life? Well that was always a very difficult question for me, because honestly I didn’t know. So it got me thinking “Where am I going”?. At first I thought about playing Baseball professionally, I had played my whole life and was going to try out for the “Twins”, then life got in the way and dreams were broken.

I was certainly good enough and my friends and family always encouraged me to tryout and pursuit my dreams. I was always a very shy and reserved person, and never real took any risk or chances, BIG MISTAKE on my part, I see this now!! So what stopped me from tryout you ask? It was my failing to “TAKE ACTION”!!

I was about 19 at the time and would practice here and there , but would never give it any real time or dedication. I made my list of excuses, like I don’t have enough time because I need to work or im to tired after work, I have no one I can practice with, or all the field are taken up by the other ball teams, and on and on and on the excuses went.

Needless to say to much time has passed and I missed my opportunity, my baseball ship had sailed. So again I asked myself “Where am I going”?? So a few months later, I was cleaning my car in my driveway and I was thinking “HUH” this is kinda cool, maybe I can DETAIL cars, I like doing this! So the following week I went to the Lexus Dealership and applied, got the job that day. A few months later the owner gave me my own shop too run, so my responsibility level when way up and BOOM I was an adult…HAHA so I thought!

Now you have to remember, I was 19 so I know everything at this point in my life, or so my dad use to tell me that all the time, when I was being a “Mr. know it all”. He was very proud of me on getting that position and thought it would help me learn a little business sense, and it did!

A year later I decided I could do this on my own and did. I was leaning how to “TAKE ACTION” in my life. So I got my license , bought all the supplies I needed, got a truck so I could be mobile, and now I was missing one thing “CUSTOMERS” so how am I going to acquire them?? Well I bought a crap load of business cards and went to all the big Law Firms and Doctor Offices and put a card on every car window. That week I had acquire 2 customers that would be long term, and very loyal clients that I still have after 12 years.

You see , if I had never “TAKEN ACTION” I would not have the business I have today. Nothing in life is free or given to you. Im sure we all have heard the little saying, “God helps those who help themselves”. Hard work is the key to any successful person or company there is today. So if there is something you have been meaning to do like, Start a business, Set and accomplish a goal in your life, Become a leader in your company or a group that your in, “TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION TODAY” and do not let one more second past you by, you will be glad you did!…….Part 2 coming soon!

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