posted on: 4/16/2012 11:10:21 AM EST
Making a GREAT first impression
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Well I would like to use this blog to point out what many people will think is very much common sense. However many people still don't get the importance of the "First Impression".

Just because you are working online and you are making the "First Impression" by the way of sending a message and not a visual and physical connection like you do in the offline world.

Make your first message the most important message you will ever send that person.

Use their name and start with a "hello".
If you can spot something on their profile that you can relate to, maybe they are from somewhere you have visited or somewhere you have always wanted to go, maybe they work in the same career as you such as a teacher or a nurse, then mention it and that shows them you have taken the time to look at their profile.

Make the message warm and friendly and offer to be of help to them if they ever need it.

Ask them what opportunities they are in, how long have they been working online, how long have they been using the site you are mailing a conversation so they will more than likely reply to you...

Talk about that persons favourite subject which is "Themselves"... Ask them questions about themselves and they will talk to you.

Too many people just send an ad or a link without even a hello attached to it but yet they expect you to drop everything and look at what they are wanting to show you...

People that send me messages like that get very little response from me, even if the opportunity sounds good, I will then check with my friends and colleagues to see if any of them know of or are a member of that opportunity and if so I will then join with my friend...

Afterall why would I want to join with someone that can't even be bothered to say hello.

So think about what you are putting in your first message to someone and ask yourself "Would You reply to that message"?

You only have one chance at a "First Impression" SO GET IT RIGHT...

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Frazer Lazell   172 day(s) ago
Thanks Adrian
Adrian Miller   172 day(s) ago
Nice PR Frazer :)
Frazer Lazell   190 day(s) ago
You are welcome, its an old PR but the message is still the same. Make your first impression count :-)
Joseph Moran     190 day(s) ago
hello Fraser,Thanks for sharing this with us.Have a great day. Keep up the good work. There is only one success... to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it.
Bessie Mathis   190 day(s) ago
Hello Mr "Top Enroller" Frazer Lazell. The point of your PR "Making a GREAT first impression" is well taken. Enjoy your week, be well and happy.
Dixie Robertson   191 day(s) ago
great blog so simple thank you
Ron Barnas   720 day(s) ago
Just that simple.. Thanks Frazer for pointing out the importance of first impressions.
David Lundgren    724 day(s) ago
Great Post Frazer! This is exactly what I've been say for 20+ years of working online!
Alzora Odhiambo   724 day(s) ago
Hello Frazer, Great blog, great points and tips. I have tweeted, liked and rated this blog.
Jivko Panayotov   724 day(s) ago
I'm agree you are so right, before i register in IBO i was really tired to speak with autoresponders. In IBO i meet really nice people. Contact and first impression is really important.
Chip Thompson   724 day(s) ago
Great Post! You are absolutely right,It's difficult enough to communicate on line. Don't forget the basics of building relationships. Thanks!!
Terrence Plank   724 day(s) ago
Hello. Excellent advice. Building relationships is what it's all about.
Ally Brodeur   724 day(s) ago
Hi Frazer, Great blog! I will take your advice because i always want to make a good first impression. I need to practice this more. Thanks for the input and thank you so much for sharing. Liked and shared. Thank you for your help the other day. Your advice worked!
Ally Brodeur   724 day(s) ago
Hi Frazer, Great blog! I will take your advice because i always want to make a good first impression. I need to practice this more. Thanks for the input and thank you so much for sharing. Liked and shared. Thank you for your help the other day. Your advice worked!
TIM VILLARD   724 day(s) ago
Excellent post Frazer. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. Wow how much have we heard that? Because its true! I must share for everyone to see:)
Frazer Lazell   724 day(s) ago
Thanks everyone for all the great comments its much appreciated.
Ron Kaiser   732 day(s) ago
Network marketing is a relations business. If you can't be bothered to build relations with people, you will not go far. Much success Frazer!
Biljana Stekovic   732 day(s) ago
Yeess, I agree with you Frazer.
Hitesh Sangani   732 day(s) ago
yes agreed Frazer first impression counts and people are joing you not your company
Doug Leclair   732 day(s) ago
You've certainly made a great first impression here Frazer! Thank you!
Larry Christenson   732 day(s) ago
great info Frazer,, Liked the part most about usig their name and finding something relatable in their profile. You are a master at what you do.
AndrĂ© Feldman   732 day(s) ago
Terrific Blog Frazer.... and this is So Important.... The first Impression You give... about **what kind of person You are** Everyone should Read this... Mainly those that might have forgotten that they are dealing with Humans, not with Machines... Have a Great Sunday.....
Cecelia McCarty   732 day(s) ago
Hi Frazer, Like you say common sense, but we all forget. Thanhk you for this timely reminder! Cecelia
Cheryl Hess   732 day(s) ago
It's never get a second chance to make a first impression. Great message here Frazer.
Timothy Bullard   732 day(s) ago
Hi Lazell, very good job on the blog! I will follow your advice and not just effort to make a good 1st impression, but to always make a continuous good impression. I tweeted, linkedin it an FB it for you!!
CeCe Horn   732 day(s) ago
Great blog and full of important truth and good advice for all to remember.
Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.     732 day(s) ago
Great Blog Frazer, I learned from that. Thank you.
Terri Pattio    732 day(s) ago
Frazer you are dead on in this post. Great tips for all to read and apply. Continued success for you in your business. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart.
Doug Leclair   734 day(s) ago
So true Frazer, awesome blog:)
John Bow   734 day(s) ago
Great blog Frazer. AT&L for you. Keep up the great work!!!
Johnny Lee   734 day(s) ago
Great insights and very good advice! Thanks for sharing and "Hello", Frazer!
Kris Karafotas    736 day(s) ago
Some good "common sense" information here! It's important to start building those relationships first, the rest will come! Thanks for sharing this! Wishing you continued success, Frazer! ~Kris Karafotas
Wayne Brooks    736 day(s) ago
Frazer, As the saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, it pays to make your first impression a good one.
Dean Corbitt    736 day(s) ago
Great blog and great advice, Frazer. It is common sense, but most people don't use it.
Aldrin Serapion   736 day(s) ago
Hello, Frazer :) Great Blog thank you for sharing. Great Advice.
Jesse Smith   736 day(s) ago
Excellent advice. Etiquette is very important in developing relationships.
Elena Barbu   736 day(s) ago
Hi Frazer,I agree 100% with you,a lot of them around here they want to be associate just to send me their links....and make you think they're opportunities are better than yours..and that pisses ...thanks for sharing this blog with us!
Coach Kim   736 day(s) ago
Hello Frazer! Great blog. Are you getting psyched up for the summer olympics this year? I wish you continued success and again - thanks for the share!
Sue Mitrisin    736 day(s) ago
Great blog - To your continued success, which is eminent because you obviously know what is key!
Ally Stewart   736 day(s) ago
I agree 100% with what you say here. I too might check out a link sent by someone who doesn't say hello or even mention my name. I will however always join with someone else I do know.
Dennis Griffiths   736 day(s) ago
Great Advice.Thank for Sharing..
john heyward   736 day(s) ago
Great advice Frazer. Sounds a lot like good manners.
MIKE DIALS   736 day(s) ago
You're right Frazer! You have to watch that first impression! Thanks for sharing Frazer!
Jack Albright   736 day(s) ago
A "must read" for everyone! How's everything across the pond Frazer? Great blog, like and tweeted for you my friend. Jack
Judith Osowski   736 day(s) ago
IBO is a great example of people thinking of the other person first. What better way to make a good first impression than sharing someone's post for them and making an encouraging comment.
Lisa Smith   736 day(s) ago
Agreed! Life is so much more fun when we build relationships, if we don't take the time to get to know people, why would we expect them to want to take the time with us? This is why I LOVE IBO!!! Thanks for sharing, Frazer :)
Nena Patton   736 day(s) ago
Well said. Thank you
Annemarie Berukoff   736 day(s) ago
Common sense blog about common courtesy. Same idea was explained this way: If you are invited to a party, would you spend the whole evening talking about what's in your suitcase? NFL friends left!
Leon (Dweet) de Wet   736 day(s) ago
Great blog Frazer, well done!
Carolyn Coleman-Grady     736 day(s) ago
Excellent great information right on point thank you for sharing.

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