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IBO takes you around the world quickly.
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Our corporation is located close to the geographical center of the Untied States. With the IBO short URL tool and visitors to our blogs we are truly reaching the rest of the world. Below is just a cut and paste random sample of our visitors today. If you want to reach the world do what we did. Join IBO toolbox. It is the best program going for personal branding. The ones who read our blogs are targeted visitors. They have an interest in what we are selling. The visitors from trafficadbar see us because we use the IBO short URL for one program of five. A solid gold idea for any business. IBO tool box Traffic Adbar

11/9/2011 7:38:51 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: , Germany Map it!

11/9/2011 7:21:02 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Hove, Brighton and Hove United Kingdom Map it!

11/9/2011 7:17:40 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: , United States Map it!

11/9/2011 7:07:12 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Hartford, Connecticut United States Map it!

11/9/2011 7:00:49 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: , Thailand Map it!

11/9/2011 7:00:49 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Miloslavov, Bratislava Slovakia Map it!

11/9/2011 7:00:12 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Amersham, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom Map it!

11/9/2011 6:46:20 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Colombo, Western Sri Lanka Map it!

11/9/2011 6:44:13 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: , United Kingdom Map it!

11/9/2011 6:44:12 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: Seattle, Washington 98144 United States Map it!

11/9/2011 6:44:12 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: Seattle, Washington 98144 United States Map it!

11/9/2011 6:44:12 AM IP: Referral: Direct
Approx. Location: Seattle, Washington 98144 United States Map it!

11/9/2011 6:44:11 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Broad Brook, Connecticut 06016 United States Map it!

11/9/2011 6:36:31 AM IP: Referral:
Approx. Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa Map it!

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Dennis Thorgesen   1554 day(s) ago
We just came up with this idea this morning. One of my workers was standing behind me as I was looking at the tracking. She said "hey others might want to see how truly international this is". Thank you Tony, Roosevelt and CeCe for your comments.
CeCe Horn   1554 day(s) ago
Great article and yes, for sure, nothing comes close to all the things IBOToolbox does for us, best there is!
Dennis Thorgesen   1554 day(s) ago
We love the international visits we are getting and do target our ads to the countries we see there most often. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
Roosevelt Evans III   1554 day(s) ago
You've come up with a novel IBOtoolbox promo, Dennis! Sweet!
Dennis Thorgesen   1554 day(s) ago
Thank you Larry, Sigurd, and Debra.

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9/15/2012  Your IBO brand blog editing or removal
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9/7/2012  Enhancing the value of your brand
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9/1/2012  Your brand and backlinks
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8/25/2012  Most important social media today
8/21/2012  Your brand and Reputation management
8/18/2012  You’re Brand and the future of the internet
8/16/2012  Your Brand Value and Values
8/13/2012  Branding as an expert
8/12/2012  IBOtoolbox Branding tools
8/9/2012  Branding for success
8/5/2012  Branding and attitude
8/3/2012  Branding in progress
8/1/2012  Branding and inspiration
7/28/2012  Brand creation how we do it.
7/25/2012  Branding and income streams Part 2
7/23/2012  Branding and income streams Part 1
7/21/2012  Branding and lending a hand up
7/18/2012  Think you don't need branding?
7/16/2012  Who is your brand creator?
7/14/2012  Google + and branding
7/12/2012  Brand and marketing relationship
7/11/2012  IBOtoolbox and backlinking your brand
7/7/2012  IBOtoolbox and effective Branding
7/4/2012  The brand called YOU
7/1/2012  Why is self-branding important?
6/30/2012  WYSIWYG websites and branding
6/29/2012  Your brand on social media
6/27/2012  What is branding?
6/24/2012  Branding consistently
6/22/2012  Branding using an Amish example
6/21/2012  Self-branding the keys to success
6/18/2012  Branding using IBOtoolbox short URL’s
6/16/2012  What is brand recognition?
6/14/2012  Ways to share IBOtoolbox and your brand
6/12/2012  Passion and your brand
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5/23/2012   Why is article writing part of branding?
5/22/2012  Brand success through sharing
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5/13/2012  How does Pay Per Click enhance branding?
5/11/2012  Branding, a brand and social responsibility
5/9/2012  Branding good and bad
5/5/2012  Brands have more value to Google
5/5/2012  What is the value behind your brand?
5/2/2012  Branding and internet tools
4/30/2012  Branding to your local audience
4/25/2012  Branding and customer relations
4/24/2012  Post Panda use of keywords
4/24/2012  Branding and social media
4/21/2012  Social media and your brand
4/20/2012  Social media optimization and your brand
4/17/2012  Article writing for your brand
4/13/2012  Creating a brand, branding and social media
4/10/2012  How to recruit and network
4/7/2012  Create your brand, Branding is about you
4/5/2012  A marketing platform for Christians?
4/1/2012  Search engine optimization and the new rules
3/30/2012  Branding and relationships
3/28/2012  Search engine and other paid marketing forms.
3/23/2012  How to succeed as an internet marketer
3/20/2012  Internet marketing and list building
3/15/2012  e Marketing services
3/7/2012  Failing at Internet marketing?
3/4/2012  Independent Business Owners (IBO) friendships
3/1/2012  Giving and Sharing
2/27/2012  Digital marketing reputation
2/23/2012  Do you have a Digital marketing strategy
2/17/2012  Social media marketing and YOU
2/14/2012  Why social sharing?
2/11/2012  Common Social Media Marketing mistakes
2/8/2012  Combining SEO and personal branding
2/7/2012  SEO and back linking
2/4/2012  Why use Social media marketing
2/2/2012  Why 95 percent of Amish Businesses succeed
1/28/2012  Marketers secret to success
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1/15/2012  What is an entrepreneurial spirit?
1/13/2012  Why should I buy your product or service?
1/12/2012  Tips for writers who want to improve
1/10/2012  Sharing something personal
1/8/2012  Personal branding
12/30/2011  Personal branding and magnetic marketing
12/28/2011  Successful internet marketers expand their comfort zone
12/26/2011  The four most important aspects for bloggers.
12/26/2011  Internet Marketer? Who are you and what do you know?
12/23/2011  Personal branding for affiliate marketers
12/22/2011  Solid gold for affiliate marketers who blog, keyword placement
12/21/2011  Solid Gold blogging tips
12/18/2011  Branding, either personal or corporate is solid gold
12/18/2011  We believe so highly in IBO we put our reputation on the line to
12/13/2011  IBOtoolbox solid gold for affiliate marketers
12/11/2011  Solid gold information for new affiliate marketers
12/11/2011  Are you dealing with falling property values or foreclosure?
12/10/2011  Solid gold priorities for affiliate marketers
12/8/2011  Simple Solutions to earning daily with residual income
12/7/2011  What do Solid Gold Affiliate marketers do?
12/4/2011  Passion and motivation equal solid gold for affiliate marketers
12/2/2011  Customer retention
11/29/2011  Why are truly international product sites and services important
11/26/2011  Are you an affiliate marketer? Why do you do what you do?
11/26/2011  Solid Gold program for Affiliate marketers
11/24/2011  As you are buying from small businesses share this gift with them
11/21/2011  A novel concept
11/18/2011  Why do Motivated and passionate people do best in internet market
11/17/2011  Do you advertise on the internet using ad boards? Why you should
11/15/2011  Why you should personalize you blogs?
11/12/2011  Why use free ads for your business?
11/11/2011  How Veteran’s day relates to networking
11/9/2011  IBO takes you around the world quickly.
11/8/2011  Why are keywords gold for reaching your audience?
11/8/2011  Split testing and tracking pure gold for marketers.
11/6/2011  Should you write a thank you letter for those you sponsor?
11/4/2011  Why should you check out our product and service? “Money”
11/4/2011  Affiliate marketing Gold Personal branding
11/2/2011  Why teach those who join your programs?
11/1/2011  Can helping others increase your earnings?
11/1/2011  How to pull it together after things don’t go they way you planne
10/28/2011  Content is still king
10/25/2011  A passion for customer service?
10/23/2011  Rich in ongoing relationships equals ongoing income.
10/19/2011  Are you afraid of asking the people on your list to buy a product
10/14/2011  Long term ways to earn from online sources
10/12/2011  Advice for people new to Internet Marketing
10/11/2011  List building, our reply to a newbie friend.
10/9/2011  Why are you in business?
10/6/2011  Planning for your financial future
10/3/2011  Advertise to 170,000 plus learning marketers
10/1/2011  Social calls to businesses can lead to people helping people.
9/29/2011  Is becoming an effective internet marketer simple?
9/26/2011  Buying from someone you trust
9/24/2011  Another list building program that works for us
9/22/2011  What does learning to massage a baby have to do with business?
9/20/2011  The importance of automating your business
9/17/2011  The money is in the list.
9/17/2011  Priorities
9/13/2011  Jump start your online business.
9/11/2011  Name recognition and how it helps
9/10/2011  Personal branding
9/8/2011  Goal setting and time management
9/6/2011  Who you know helps as much as what you know
9/4/2011  Understanding why time management is important
9/4/2011  Corporate Changes
9/2/2011  Is it right to gain from helping others gain what they want and n
8/31/2011  Is your business ready for any emergency?
8/10/2011  Learning about marketing from life.
8/6/2011  Define Free
8/4/2011  Who are you? Does it matter?
8/3/2011  Do you want to succeed or do you want more
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