posted on: 10/9/2011 4:31:30 PM EST
I Keep Coming Back...
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I wrote a blog post on my first blog; and on it is a post called" Multi Level Marketing Paradigm...The New Truth? In it I wrote about,what I saw as a paradigm shift within the MLM industry whose time has come. The long and the short of it, was that like other industry such as the record industry; which saw the end of vinyl records when CD's came to the market.

A similar occurrence happened with the shift from VHS to the introduction of the DVD into the market. Are there other paradigms that we have in front of us , but some refuse to see? Bet your money on it!!!

The blog post that I mentioned, spoke to a paradigm, that I feel is occurring in the Multi Level Marketing industry. That paradigm is the infusion of a generic systematic training, that permeates the entire distributor base...but doesn't stop there. It will also and most importantly incorporate a residual compensation that is tied to the rep that plugs into the training. This is key and I have only found it at the MLM I'm presently with!

This achieves several things, one it ends the fractional inherent nature that is a prevalent nature of the industry. Where you have the top leaders in the company creating their own slant on "getting the job done" It will end the need for fractional groups being created, what happens alternatively is that you have a unified company plugged into the same residual compensated training program...and that's powerful...that's the new paradigm as I see it and it's already happening!

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