posted on: 10/11/2011 8:02:16 PM EST
Knowledge Is Not Power!
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Let me clarify, Knowledge is not power in and of itself. Knowledge is power rightly applied! Please understand, that there is a major difference. I see Reps all the time in our industry. Getting knowledge about how to do their businesses, from all types of sources...but still failing.

This industry we call MLM, has gotten such a bad "rap", mainly because of the failure rate of the people that join and never see success. There is more than one reason for this, but I feel the main and most damaging is the incorrect application of knowledge or no application at all.

The definition of insanity is "doing something the same way over and over again; expecting different results" That's the problem with just accumulating knowledge without proper mentoring, to help you to apply it correctly. You will never get the results your looking for! What a lot of "reps" don't get but think is,...that "Practice makes perfect".

That too is misleading, because "practice does not make perfect"..."perfect practice makes perfect". These subtle but profound differences in the mindset of leaders and the reps they hope to help; to the levels of success in their respective opportunities; are extremely important.

Be students of the industry, and try and find a good mentor with good intentions about your success...

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Bill Darton   1541 day(s) ago
Great post Michael. From an early age, we are told to get good grades so we can get a good job. But there is very little teaching about being innovative, taking responsibility and creating our own job. MLM can be a great introduction but fear and ignorance hold people back.
Annemarie Berukoff   1580 day(s) ago
Your blog makes perfect sense. It is very sad that MLM is misunderstood and often misapplied. It could be the way out for many families. Mentorship and practice makes the difference.

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