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Technology catching up with MLM
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It is a great time to be in Multi Level Marketing. I remember a time, when I was not much out of High School, and introduced to MLM for the first time. It was intriguing even at that time in my young life. The thought of being able to be a business owner and follow my entrepreneurial spirit, at a price point even I could manage was enticing.

The part that wasn't so enticing was the filling out of all of the order forms, for the customers( family) for the most part lol. Then there was the tracking of down line PV (point value) that was fun...NOT!

Now, though is a great time to have your own business in the MLM industry. In a time now where the industry standard gives you a professionally down back office. Where you can track your down line, place orders for your auto ship if you have one, sign up reps in your pj's at mid night on the east coast, while it's 9 o'clock on the west.

When you add to the industry great web sites like ibotoolbox, it just takes the whole experience to another level...for the experienced or the newbie. I being in the best MLM on the planet ( if I say so myself :-) ). Couple it, with platforms like the ibotoolbox is a fantastic one two punch. If your considering joining an MLM company, we'd love to have you. If not us, know that it couldn't be a better time to solidify your freedom, to gain time loss, and to be your own boss!

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