posted on: 10/25/2011 7:59:36 PM EST
Wolf in Sheep's clothing...
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Thank you for taking the time to come to read this post. I have been thinking about how I was going to lay it out to you for a few days now. Here it is, I was recently exposed to an individual that has a presence on line, as basically a direct marketer of software products...We'll leave names out of this.

I was initially drawn by this individual because of his material. I will say, it was very polished. The use of software is clearly his forte, and I did learn from using his training library for about four days. This individual is on a personal crusade and is making it clear that he wants people to join it.

When I made it clear to this person in an email, that I was happy with the opportunity that I was with presently, they replied that I should take one of their courses at $21 per week. Later, I could buy their one on one time. To find out how they were putting the number of recruits into the mlm they were pushing; for the sole purpose of their the cost for one on one time with him of $20,000.00.

That was something that took me back a bit, especially since this person was talking about the goodness of Jesus all over the place (I am a born again Christian, so I have no problem with Jesus). No matter, I joined his learning class room at $21 per week, and like I said it was educational.

What I don't understand, is why this person banned me from his training? Was it just because I wouldn't join his mission with his mlm. Please understand, God has already blessed me since this happened; so this isn't a case of sour grapes. I just felt the need to caution my IBO Tool Box family, and any other multi level marketers...legitimate multi level marketers. Not those, who ego trip about being glad that they don't have to work for money and suck people into their "world" at a price of $84 per month and then want them to spend another $100 in monthly auto ship to further their idea of what MLM should be. Take this for what you think it's worth...just be careful of Wolves in Sheep's clothing. It could cost you a lot of money, you don't necessarily have. That could've gone to your own business...which is about your cause and not someone else's

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