posted on: 11/4/2011 6:56:56 AM EST
Can you stop a Mega Trend...I can't
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I woke up yesterday hearing about the end of a two large retail clothing chain stores, going out of business. It has happened before and it will happen again I'm sure. Trends are a part of every business cycle, and have changed the landscape of business and those that profit from it. One example that has happened in my time, was the changing of the landscape of the Mom and Pop hardware stores that peppered the streets and blocks of the neighborhood I grew up in.

Some of them were a lot bigger than Mom and Pop, one by the name of Pergamont. There were others, then came Home Depot. Home Depot was the trend that took out all of the competition. All of the mom and pop hardware stores and larger chains that didn't see the trend of "DIY" generation of home ownership.

To put another nail in the coffin, here comes Lowes Home improvement. The retailers I was speaking of in the start of this post are "SYMS" clothing discount store and their sister store "Filienes Basement". They are going out of business, the report sited the online clothing retailers and the ease of the internet...that brought down these two retailers. One of which used the slogan "An educated consumer is our best customer" So what happened? did the consumer get dumb? or did the consumer opt for ease of shopping? Point, click, have it shipped!

MPB Today is in front of the next big trend. It is said that grocery home delivery, is presently a $10-$12 Billion dollar industry. Nielson the company that watches trends, says that the home grocery industry is slated to become an $85-$100 Billion Dollar industry, by 2014. MPB Today has set a goal to be a $1,000,000.00 company in three years! Doesn't that at least warrant a look?

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Renita Lowry   1556 day(s) ago
Trends are very interesting..thank you for the insite;)

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