posted on: 11/19/2011 8:17:11 AM EST
Who wants to be a Millionaire?
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Who wants to be a Millionaire, the popular game show that comes on in the U.S.A., and probably around the world. Watched by millions, to see eager game show contestants answer 14 question on their rise to becoming the games newest winner of a million dollars. The producers of that particular game show probably have an endless list of would be contestants, that that a chance of changing their lives answering 14 questions correctly.

For the mental psyche of the world; those contestants. This process for obtaining wealth is legitimate. Then there are those, that I know personally. That every week spend hundreds of dollars, on the "numbers" as the are called here in the U.S.A. The daily win 4 and win 3. The morning win 4 and the morning win 3. The Evening win 3 & 4; and to these good people. This to is a legitimate way of getting rich...hey if I win the "power" ball; if I hit "Lotto" I will become a millionaire! For the mental psyche of these good people, this too is a reasonable use of their time and resources in the pursuit to becoming a millionaire!

This post came to me when I recently told someone very close to me about a system, that would involve them watching a short video. A system that Is FREE to register for. A system that I would pay the first lesson for. A system that requires NO credit card to enter, No SS# for entering. A system that only requires a $5 outlay...ONE TIME; and I will pay that for them!!!
A system that because it's built solely on the leverage of pure numbers...pure cash leveraging. It was told to me, "well I'm a doubting Thomas, I will wait till you're rolling in money from it"
There is a quote and I'm para phrasing...If you have nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain if successful. By all means try; do it now!

To who ever reads this post, one I hope it has illuminated your eyes a bit. Two please don't let the "doubting Thomas's of the world discourage your intent or passion. Three most of the "Doubting Thomas's will probably be in your strong!

If you do nothing else check out this program. It truly has the potential to change your life, your down lines live's, your organizations cash flow challenges. I will pay for your cost of admission!!!!

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Gidione Aguiar   1543 day(s) ago
parabens post legal,sucesso para voce!
Terri Pattio   1543 day(s) ago
Wish you success with this.

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