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Understanding Leverage Opens a Whole World of Possibility...
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I have been thinking about this for some time now. I guess the way I will attempt to illustrate my point, is to share a personal story that demonstrated the power of this principal first hand.

Back in December 1995, I was trading commodities. Things like sugar, wheat, cotton, hogs, and cattle. Now I wasn't taking physical possession of these commodities. These contracts as they are called are bought and sold electronically.

For those of you that aren't familiar with trading commodities, it can be very financially rewarding. When one takes the time to learn the system and skills necessary for success in this area.

Without getting to deep, there are what are called in commodity trading "options". Here is where it really gets good. Options allow you to control a contract, for a percentage of it's regular cost. It limits your risk, but best of all it allows you to profit unlimited profit (within a specified time frame) no matter if the price goes up or the price comes long as you brought a call option or a put option and it goes in your direction.

In 1995 I was into trading very passionately, and was paying attention specifically to cotton options. In December I had an account with someone, and I needed their half of the money in the account to purchase a single cotton call. I just knew that the price of cotton was going to rise.

Now every time cotton moved in my direction one cent $.01...I would make $375.00. Let me put this in better perspective for you. The contract I wanted to buy would cost us $875 approx. Every penny move up (or tick) it's called...we would profit $375 for every one cent move until our contract expired.

Well here is the sad part of the story, the person that I had the account with didn't understand leverage!!!! He was "counting pennies and not seeing the dollars" So what happened is. We didn't go on my gut feeling, after all of the research and study I put into following cotton for months. We didn't take advantage of "Leverage" and buy that contract for approx. $875, and we (I) watched cotton rise a whole dollar in five weeks. That would have been on an investment of $875 more than $30,000.00 on a dollar move to the up side on what would have been a single cotton call !!!!!

I share all of this my friends, to say I have come across another awesome system that provides incredible "Leverage" The registration is FREE, I will even pay for your first level in the opportunity. That will take me back $5... Don't let the $5 small investment fool you. The upside potential with this opportunity is HUGE!!!! Please take a look, let's get paid in 2012...I'm going to be right about this one too!

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