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Keep your focus on numbers...
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I really don't know who will relate to this post. I felt a need to write it though. I have been in the Multi Level Marketing Industry since the early 80's, it was a natural fit while in college. Amway was my first exposure to this powerful marketing concept. There are many parallels that I can draw good and bad about MLM then, and MLM today. I want to focus on the need to focus on the numbers.

The reason is that, back then even with the lack of social networks. The lack of the internet as we know it today, the lack of slick and polished back offices where people could sign up while you as a sponsor are sleep. Businesses were built to huge and profitable sizes, there was a since of family, that I feel is missing today in many cases. All though it was cumbersome to do paper work and to get bonus checks paid on time. There was a Year book thickness of Diamond Directs in the Amway Hollows that was growing through the 80's.

One of the first mantra that I was taught, was "Some will, Some won't, So what, Next" It's all about the numbers!!! This would be to long of a post to get into the minds of individuals as to why they don't act on awesome opportunities...but they just don't! Go figure!!!

The point especially for the new IBO'rs in the game, don't get discouraged when someone signs up to your opportunity and doesn't do anything. Even when anything is something a child could do!...It's the nature of the beast; don't take it personally. Even when we have at our disposal all of these awesome technologies that, afford a person, with such ease to rise to the top of so many legit opportunities, so why don't they? It's the nature of the beast; this is why there will always be the 95%, that will always be with lack! So stay focused on the numbers my fellow IBO'er and don't worry about those that you sponsor, that don't do a dag on thing...You just know, it's been this way since the beginning and always will be. So focus on the numbers and I'll see you at the top! Pure numbers are going to get me to the top of this awesome opportunity Take the tour if your's FREE to look and it's FREE to register. Good hunting...

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Patricia Juhrend   1435 day(s) ago
Yes I agree things are better for exposure today but the warmth if lacking except for here on IBO!
Roger+Pamela Foulks    1435 day(s) ago
Very accurate comments Michael. Being successful with network marketing requires staying focused on the numbers game.
Pete Balasch Jr   1435 day(s) ago
Yes Most will Do nothing when you sign them up Some do Some Don't Next and dont ever give up
Ron Barnas   1435 day(s) ago
Well Stated from a man with experience in the MLM. Thanks Michael and to your success.
Francisco Prata Lay   1435 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Michael! I guest human nature. We think we know all.

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