posted on: 4/17/2012 5:21:11 PM EST
Commit to do what's necessary before you join!
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As we come to a close with tax time 2012. I had an interesting experience with the person who does my taxes. The short version is that we got into a brief discussion about business expense deductions. After he enlightened me, and I trust his knowledge and experience. He made a comment about Multi Level Marketing since that is one of the business's within my LLC.

One of the comments was that most people don't make any money with them; I without hesitation told him that I agree. I told him that there are several reason's, the one I want to focus on in this post is that of lack of commitment once a person joins. There are many legit MLM opportunities today, and I'm not going to go into naming then. I feel I have come upon a diamond in the rough in as far as opportunities.

It is the easiest to implement that I have ever done, and the upside potential is mind blowing!
Here's the thing it's genius is in it's simplicity, it takes nothing and I mean nothing to profit from but a decision to take action! that's it! ACTION!!! With a one time out lay a person can position themselves to make literally millions. No re-occurring anything, No monthly qualifications, No product learning curves, No selling, No warehousing product, just a one time investment in one's self!

So why is it that all the people in my down line don't do anything? Well I have thought about this and our industry as a whole. The short answer in my humble that of lack of commitment and lack of belief! Most people if they get excited enough to join for FREE that is!

Don't believe even if it's simple multiplication to the$millions$. That they are worthy (subconsciously) Nor do they believe that they can achieve the goal, no matter how simple! Why? because they haven't ever achieved it before (consciously or subconsciously) they take NO ACTION! This is why there is a 95% fail rate in the MLM industry.

So what's the solution? Lady's and Gentlemen, stop worrying about "branding" yourself...that's not what your down line needs. Stop worrying about becoming the "Guru" that's not what your down line needs. What they need is help in their "belief" and then to be taught that it doesn't matter how many opportunities you join...if you don't commit to do what it takes to execute the marketing plan at least for a YEAR before you re-evaluate your commitment! Up until that point you ride the waves of your company and it's growth or evolution and don't look back!

To all of our Success...God Bless!

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Patricia Juhrend   1396 day(s) ago
I agree with what you're saying here, thanks for being committed!

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